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I dont know if its photoshopped or not. IF it isnt thats just wrong.


Are you supposed to see a green smiley sticking out his tongue?


I just get a green face sticking a tounge out.


I dont know why. Works fine on my end.

Here's a cropped version.


ohh shit! Mommy?


How did you come across this photo?


I could see it being shoped... but if something like meth is on the line, i don't think that's the first time something like that has happened.

I've heard crazy stories about that kind of stuff (The Husband of a mother with 3 girls(8,15,19) letting guys sleep with them for drugs)


She must be a whore. He found her, porpositioned her, and she hurried up and got to it. I guess. Maybe he said, "hey son, watch what a woman is good for."


The smiley face is just to tell you that they don't appreciate image linking. A lot of sites will put up an image like that whenever you click on a direct link to an image. To circumvent, either cut and paste the link into your location bar, or drag the link there. That will remove the referrer information that tells the webserver to deny you access.

Merry Kwanzaa.


Now thats a sex-ed class I never got!!!

Must be take your kid to work day...."now watch me johnny...this is what mommy does to make us money"


Right hand drive car...Just an observation.


For sure photoshoppped..

Have a look closely at the steering wheel..there is no way that you could see the whole steering wheel that way and her ass being behind it.

Look..although funny!



Might be european.