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Photoshop? WTF?




You really thought some chick at a fitness show would go topless on stage yet have a guy's chest?

First, that fitness show would be on you tube in 5 seconds going viral in another 3. Second, if you can hide a penis that easily, then you really didn't have one to begin with. My penis doesn't fold away like a pair of sunglasses and it absolutely hates bikinis.

I'll go with photoshop for 500, Bob.


needs better quad seperation


There was a poster who had that for his avatar. Can't remember who it was. Dave something maybe?


Nice face, no boobs, does not compute, does not compute.



I think he/she was in the middle of a sex change and left the breasts for last.


If you were a hermaphrodite you could slip it inside yourself.


Kinky. I could have my own baby. Awesome. Every nine months another Mini-Me. In a few years, I would have the worlds most awesome 5 part boy band and enough copies to stay at home while they go to work for me.

The Five X's?

X, X, X, X and X?

Add a couple of girl me's and call 'em "X's and O's"?


Haha! I like it. So, if you got tired of getting pregnant, what would you do? Go on the pill, have your tubes tied, or get a vasectomy? Tough choices. Of course, I assume you wouldn't go for the pill option due to the hormones, right?




how about

the X Coefficient


So what hurts more, getting kicked in the balls or giving birth?


You can take drugs when giving birth to ease the pain, not to sure about pain killers for your balls. I'm pretty sure no matter what you use you still feel them hurt if you get kicked. Just one guys opinion to another lol.


My dick is so confused now... :S


She must of done button popping pecs in 8 weeks.


LOL nice