photoshop or not?

What do you guys think? Those lats
look mighty suspicious

I say not.

Anakin, No!!!

I do believe this is the most disturbing thing I’ve ever seen.

Franks - whereabouts in Indiana do you live?

PS: just so everyone knows my name in real life is Luke and thats why this is funny…so there…
:slight_smile: Groove

Did you have too? I hate bondage shots…Makes me want to puke.

ohhhh MY GOD, That is the most amazing lat spread I have ever seen.


those wings make francos look tiny

The colour of them doesnt seem to match the rest of the skin though… almost looks as if you have a cape on


Chris Aus

I beg to differ, dude. “Those wings” do NOT make Franco’s look tiny!

Oh, just read your last sentence Chris. Oops. (gotta quit skimmin’ through those posts)

I think Nate Dogg’s roleplaying with his GF is starting to get out of hand…


Good one! You’re going down now.

Saying this dude has good lats is going to the dark side of the farce. Severe I.L.S.

Nate Dogg

Remind me to be scared. :wink:

Shit, I thought MY ‘Before’ picture was bad…