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Photoshop Help

Can anyone good put a good 70’s pornstache on the guy in this pic? If there’s anyway to put him in an Umbro shirt that’d be great…

If you’re asking what’s in it for you, I’ll mail you an Aspire 36…retail value $4.99…


I guess the pic’s kinda small…if you could make the pic bigger that’ll get you another aspire 36…so…pornstache, umbro shirt and make larger and in return you can have an erection for 72 hours.


If you can think of anything else, I’m willing to send more aspire…i don’t know…maybe pornstaches on man, woman and child…

I don’t know of any way to enlarge such a small photo and retain image quality. With pics that size it comes down to pixel manipulation, basically.

It reminds me of my penis.

There is only so much you can do with something so small.

Good work. PM me your addies if you want the aspire.

Umbro shirt.

Nice work. I take back any thoughts I had that you were a moron.

This is for a class reunion…he posted a ‘before’ shot in his soccer uniform that was umbro and he had the HS pornstache going…

What made you think I was a moron?

Hmm, someone likes to hold grudges.

Oh well, glad I have your approval now.

Douche :wink:

his wife looks like michael jackson on chewie’s pic

[quote]Jetric9 wrote:
his wife looks like michael jackson on chewie’s pic

My thoughts exactly…very disturbing

[quote]Jetric9 wrote:
his wife looks like michael jackson on chewie’s pic



Musctache and umbro treatment ? He keeps switching his picture on the reunion website.

Double bonus points if you can put mustache on wife and kid and umbro shirt.


Are you doing this as a joke or do you not like the guy?

It’s still funny regardless.

I do have to admit that when I saw Photoshop Help and the OP was sen say, this was not what I was expecting to see though:)