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Photoshoot and Glycerin


Hey CT,
I have a photoshoot and was wanting to look more full. I'm pretty lean right now so but want the muscles to be popping more when it's photo time.
So, what I was wondering was if you'd recommend taking glycerin in my case? If so, how much and when would I look at taking it if my shoot's a week from Saturday?
Thanks in advance


Define pretty lean. Unless you are under a TRUE 10% (when someone says "I'm about 10%" he normally is around 15%) it will not enhance your look. If you don't have a full 6 pack under any lighting (not merely under the best gym bathroom lighting) and nice separation everywhere, don't bother.


I had it calculated to be 13% by someone that's fairly knowledgeable, abs are fairly visible everywhere other than a tiny touch of love handle under the oblique. That worth doing? Or, should I just concentrate on leaning a bit more in the next two weeks.
Thanks in advance


No, it wont make an iota of a difference in your case.


btw if you want to have a "sweaty, just trained look", then fill some glycerin in a spray bottle with water and spray it on. The beading stays on your body and looks like beads of sweat. But be careful if you have fakle tan on as it may affect it. Also, it'll make you sticky.


Ha, thanks


it's a trick photographers use to get that "just rained on a spiders web and all the cool beading is showing" look :wink: