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Photos: 'Weird World of Bodybuilding'


Photographs from Joachim Ladefoged of Scandinavian body-builders:



Wait, where's the rick-rolling?


So he'd do anything to pitch, even walk out on the field with painkillers. Oh my god, I can barely breath. I am just too overwhelmed by his dedication and hardcore attitude. Someone with his willpower must have a good view and understanding of bodybuilding.


is that a dude with gyno, or a really fucking gross chick?


It's a broad. It's pretty obvious :stuck_out_tongue:

But yeah, implant muscle boobies are 'grotesque'


Holy fucking hell, that was a chick?!


"I thought their eyes told a story," he adds. "I read in some of them that as a boy or girl they were bullied at school ? that maybe they were told they were fat, or had a 'wrong' nose or looked funny. And then I felt that maybe these people thought they would then show their peers that they could have a nice body. I think it was insecurity that I saw deep inside."

oh how incredibly deep
I wish I could get paid for writing unfounded assumptions about topics I know nothing about.


Become a therapist. It's not like anyone would notice.


The first one didn't really look like they were implants. There are two others in the photos that have very obvious implants though.

Interesting pictures. Thank goodness body builders don't spend much time in the dieted down stage.


Chicks with dicks? I love bodybuilding but I just can't appreciate the female bodybuilder figure. These edited photos also make them look worse then normal, but that's obvious.


And I LOVE all the face shots... I dont' know many people that look 'good' after competing with tanner, and makeup on... over those lights.. :S


I'd hit it.





Somebody has to I guess...


As an artist myself, I respect his vision.
However, it is in direct contrast to the stage image of bodybuilding (ie. competitors hiding weaknesses, showing strengths, at being at their best).
These pics depict a more "human condition" aspect of the sport, often focusing on the worn-looking faces (especially the eyes) and a body beaten by years in the gym, over-sunned, underhydrated, etc.

I appreciate the honesty, but am in some ways repulsed by the contrast between what we've come to know about bodybuilding as a whole, and what's revealed in those pics... some very personal aspects of the individual.


They look like they all spend the day working in a coal mine.


It sucks. In a world that sees bodybuilding in a negative light to begin with...exactly what we needed is someone making a spectacle of it by making it look worse on purpose.

This is like taking pictures of Jessica Alba while she's dealing with a massive bout of explosive diarrhea as seen from the perspective of the toilet. Just because someone takes a picture, that doesn't make it "artistic".


His mother should have taught him that if you can't say something nice don't say anything at all.

Looks to me like he is trying to get some mileage of of other peoples hard work and dedication by focusing only on the negative.

He focused all his efforts into making these people look like freaks. I'm sure some of them looked peculiar all on their own, but using photo tricks to make them look terrible is a lame excuse for art. Anyway that's my opinion. It strikes me about the same as calling a turd in a pickle jar art.

OP thanks for the link it was interesting.


If you posted it, I'm pretty sure a number of guys in the SAMA forum would fap to it.