Photos from Last Year, 22-23 5'7" 200-210 Pounds

This was last year ( I have NOT touched weights since November of 2017) planing on coming back to where I was.

YES I GOT ACNE ON MY BACK NO ITS NOT FROM AAS (have not done them yet)



I’m 23 and very close to 24 and these pictures were taken last year between the months of (may to September of last year )

started learning to lift when I was 14 and I’m always interested in learning more.
I’m 5 foot and 7 inches and I as around 200-210 in these pictures and maybe I would say 12-14 percent body fat.
I was training 5-6 days a week and eating meals every 2-3 hours.
I was taking protein powders/creatine/BCAA’s
I was not counting my calories or preparing my meals I just made sure I was getting my eggs, milk, chicken, fish, rice, natural peanut butter and other good carb/protein/fats foods in.

not to brag to much but I have been approached by guys at the gym asking me where to buy PEDs/AAS which I have never used in my life.

I don’t have any photos of legs but I remember the size of them (32 inch quads and 17.5 inch calves same as my biceps also 17.5 inch).!

After a lot of research for a couple of years now I’m considering doing a 500 milligram/week cycle of Test E for 12 weeks with Anti-estrogen during the cycle and PCT at the end? I’m very disciplined when it comes to training/lifting/eating and I’m aware of the consequences/side effects when it comes time to embark on this journey. I plan on competing in the near future.

Good genetics/Freak Genetics??
What do you guys think?

Cause? Work, school, girl or injury?

Must have been a loose ass measuring tape. Phil Heath is recorded as having 32” quads, Kia Greene having 33” ones while being only an inch taller weighing ~50 pounds more than yourself. Be honest bro. No need to try and impress a bunch of dudes online you’ll never meet.

I work 2 jobs 30 hours at a pizza shop and 40 hours at a warehouse as a manual Palletizer and depression.

I’m at 180 pounds and lost all my weight so going to start lifting again.

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Actually I take that back, I had the number 32 stuck in my head but now I remember quads were 25-26 inches but I will measure it again once I get back into lifting but my calves and my arms both measured 17.5

I started mostly working out legs at 14 since I was playing soccer in HS and btw I suffer from bigorexia.

for some reason this number 32 was stuck in my head because I know Dorian Yates had 31 INCH QUADS and I told myself few more years of training and I will reach 32.

so yep number is 25-26 inches

sorry for the confusion man haven’t been lifting for 8 months like I said working two jobs that I don’t like (both low wage) problems with my parents about my life choices and depression issues so I put aside what I love doing which is lifting weights/Bodybuilding but I plan on going back next week. I know you guys aren’t dumb and could figure out that I’m lying so I wasn’t my I have a lot on my mind lately. but Bodybuilding is the only thing that has giving me hope in life.

going to be ordering some supplements and going grocery shopping.

Your lucky some photos of quads



that’s more reasonable, that’s a number I can believe.

and that’s still very big. so are your arms, particularly at your height. My arms are slightly smaller, and my quads are slightly bigger, but I have 4" height on you. And I’ve been training waaaaay longer than you. And I use steroids lol.

not even prohormones? That’s very impressive, regardless.

Good genetics for sure. Freak genetics? eh. I wouldn’t necessarily go that far, but maybe. That sort of thing can only really be determined by where you end up in the long-run. Freak genetics are guys like Larry Wheels. Or any of the top IFBB bodybuilding pros. Or like Hafthor, Brian Shaw. Guys that reach the top of their sport. You’re not even a competitor at this point, so you really don’t know your genetic potential yet.

You’re old enough, and experienced enough in the gym that I would say go for it, regarding a steroid cycle. If you want advice on that, post in the Pharma section, not here.

Why not see how far you can go drug free in Natural bodybuilding ?

You can always use PEDs after that

No way! I do the exact same! 40 hours a week in a stores/warehouse palletising and sending out deliveries and receiving parcels and shefing them away, and in the evenings/weekends I deliver pizzas for a takeaway! I weigh 178lbs. I started at 231lbs and got down to 154lbs but lost so much weight I was still around 14% bodyfat and was really weak. I still train 3/4 days a week on top of these jobs but I am yet to see any strength or size gains, also as mentioned I have shot from 154lbs to 178lbs already in 6 months but I am now 20% bodyfat,

Also to the OP, looking good! I have a mate who currently weighs 180lbs at 7% bodyfat so id assume his muscle mass is similar to yours, arms and legs look very similar but his waist has much less fat, id say cut carbs ever so slightly or stick to the same eating habbits and add in 10 minutes of cardio everyday and with an inch off your waist will give you an even bigger look to your mass. Good going!