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Hey all, thought some of you might like to check out this link. It is an ongoing photo journal with a new pic every couple of days. Some excellent photography, mostly nature and wildlife, by a friend of mine who lives in Alaska.


Thank you for that link, awesome pictures from your friend. Being from Colorado I really like wildlife and nature pics!

Glad you liked it, Elk…:slight_smile:

Yeah…nature rules, man. =)

nice pics… wish i still had my cannon
ae-1 program. and wish i could take pics
like that, must be nice to have for a
friend. thanks sabrina


Kung Fu do do
I sense sarcasm in your post, I challange your master to a duel with mine!

Just kidding, the word nature was a little corny!

Elkhntr1…muwhahaha!!! I have no master!!! I got kicked out of my school!!! SO THERE!! j/k.

Nah man, no sarcasm with the nature comment…grew up in the sticks and communed with nature on many occasions. Still like to when possible…but not the same out here…



Awesome photos!