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Alright, I’m just starting to get into taking pictures and really working with cameras, and I’m sure that we’ve got some amateur photographers around here.

Post pictures you’ve taken, advice for cameras, how you took the picture, etc. We could get a good thing going.

Freedom Tower in black and white, seen from Hoboken.

Another Hoboken shot.

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[quote]FightinIrish26 wrote:
Another Hoboken shot.[/quote]

Hoboken shot? That’s more just a hobo shot…

I’m new to it. Just been shooting for 2 months.

Here’s a pic from disney

I don;t really feel like looking up my settings for that pic, but if you guys wanna know I can look it up. I shoot with a canon t3i (600d). Pissed about it cause if i waited a couple more months, i could’ve had the t4i but oh well. I have the kit lens that comes with the camera and also a 70-300 telephoto lens. I really want to get a 50mm lens with a monster aperture for indoor stuff.

I should add, I don’t think I’m a photographer just cause i have a dslr. I just like taking pictures as a hobby and a good way to preserve memories

This a picture of Seattle taken from Pier 66. I have a Nikon D7000. Without looking at the meta data this was most likely taken with ISO 100, f/16 or f/22 and a 60s shutter speed using a 55-200mm lens.

The Seattle skyline taken from Alki Beach. This is a very compressed version of this photo. This took a lot of work to get it to look decent. It’s about six shot stitched together and I had to chase off rats between shots.

If you guys are into photography, KenRockwell.com has some very useful info.

Miami Skyline, Don’t remember settings.


My home town. (Auckland New Zealand)

edit Damn…I loaded up the wrong image. This was one taken on an old nikon f80 I had with slide film (velvia)…It was already saturated to fuck but then a crappy scan of the slide blew every out in it - too much dynamic range for a cheap scanner.

The original slide looks amazing.

This was the one I meant to submit.


Couple Questions,

  1. I dropped my canon kit lens a couple days ago and the camera isnt focusing so im guessing i banged up the focus ring. Is this something expensive to fix? Am I better off just buying a used one off somebody?

  2. Do canon kit lenses break easily compared to other lenses? Cause when I dropped mine, it really wasnt that hard. I also have a 70-300mm IS USM lens, and would cry is that broke lol.

  3. For canon users, as someone who does photography for fun, is an L lens really worth it?


I have a 70-200 L f/4.0 with image stabalizer and for outdoor action its the bees knees. It is sharp as a tack/monkeys can take good pics with it.

Scroll down to the ski photos, I handed my buddy my camera and asked him to squirt a few, and he came up with these, and he’d never used a DSLR before:


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I don’t do photography, but I do like to point a camera at things.

My favorite picture of my dog.