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I have just been started doing photography again, let's see some work from fellow photographers!

from Frank Yang (youtube.com/digitalairair).

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The interference. This is a real hotel servant. I asked her to come clean the room while we were still in there, doing whatever it is that we would be doing even when she wasn't there and ask her to clean as if WE weren't there. I wanted to juxtapose class. Usually the hotel servant and the guests will not interact directly and the two parties from different worlds don't co-exist in the same time. The servants "cleans" under the radar and consciousness. They share space, but not time. In here, they share both.In this photo, I try to bring them together as they violently rupture each others' comfort zones in a serene, quiet, and smooth way that smooth out the master/slave, public/private relationships. This more or less a follow up to my post about hotel servants and services. Ive been obsessed over hotels and servants

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This is a portrait of my 91 year old Grandfather. You can see how his soul that's embedded deep within him has, over time, carved and sculpted his skin and flesh from the interior of his physical shell to re-surface onto the top. Maybe this is what aging is all about...the emergence and the escaping of the soul through the life-long process of carving of the skin from within so that more lines and definition emerges as time moves on, and that the older you get, the clearer your soul is to become. When he dies this soul would be entirely freed from within.This is why it's so much more interesting to read old people. You can really see through them.



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The waiter


Are these yours?

Good stuff, man.

EDIT: I need to learn to read before posting.
Yes I see these ARE yours!


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No lol there's an app for that now.


They are mine lol, I have to pose for some of my pictures that require actions most people wouldn't want to carry out in public. I would rather be behind the camera the whole time though, it makes it easier to control the picture taking process. But I guess you can say that by posing and acting for my own photographs, I am also carrying out and documentary a performance.




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