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Photo shoot prep

A question for anyone who’s prepped for a contest or photo shoot before. I have a shoot coming up in a few weeks and would like to use every legal trick in the book to increase my vascularity. My bf is about 6. Let me know what worked for you, what didn’t and how long it took. Also, what kind of diet is recommended for the week prior to the event. Thanks, Sev.

Just keeping this one alive, hoping for info.

Alright, here are some “tricks”:
of course, you could always potassium load starting four to five days out, upping your water by 50% up until the day before the show. Then, at about 6:00 p.m. the day before your show/photo shoot, cut back water so that you are only taking in enough to quench your thirst and down your supplements.

Trick #2 Dandelion root extract: take 2-3 days out: this supplement is a natural diuretic, and will help to remove excess water retention

Trick #3: you can always take the water pills found at any convenience store, but I really don’t recommend these–they’re not all that healthy

Trick #4: Your ass better be in shape!!! Don’t leave yourself a full deck and then try and pull a royal flush out of your ass at the last moment.

Dietwise, you really need to know your body with respect to this. I mean, only you can determine whether or not and how much you need to carb deplete and carb load prior to the big day. Hope this helps!

I’ve heard that when you’re way lean taking glycerol can help flush out water from intra-celular spaces and put it straight into the muscles and blood-stream. Try having a glass of ‘RED’-wine handy leading up to and during the shoot, seems to help bring out vascularity. Was told once that a shot of whiskey did the same, bit dubious about that one though… perhaps someone can add to this. Cheers, Mark-AUS.