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Photo forum peeves

Yeh well Its not my fault that this pc or this website doesn’t read the paragraphs…everytime I type something it does it…If I try and take a couple space line for the end of closing(my name) it never shows up and yet every time I do it. So don’t assume I am being lazy cause I am not ,Whenever I post something on here I have paragraphs but it never shows up as that, it shows up as one big paragraph. I also find it funny that people would rather type and bitch about my grammar then actually taking the time to read my post, its not hard to understand I have very few spelling errors and it just flows as one big paragraph(again not my fault). Would you all like it to be in Iambic pentameter next time so its easy to read on your little eyes. Quit bitching by the time you posted to me about my english you could have read it by then learn to spped read …a valuable tool.