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Photo forum peeves

Pugs I want to thank you for posting this here. I for one never check in on the Off Topic forum so I would not have seen it there. I also want to thank you because you got me thinking and I have since apologized for even adding to the fire of stan. I do want beleive that at 50 I could look like that. Hell I want to beleive that there is a chance that at 30 I could look like that. So I know that jealousy was the reason why I chimed in. What I think is funny is that if we do not collectively think that looking like stan is possible at 50 then why are we so into this lifestyle? Is it worth the dieting and time lost spent in the gym if wee will never even come close to looking like stan? I wouldn’t think so. I for one would rather eat the HoHos and Cheeseburgers and spend the time with friends and family if I cannot acheive something similar to stan. Even with all of the dieting and working out I will probably not look that good, but that is OK :wink: One of the other things that I was curious about was why there are not more pictures in the photo forum? When I first found this site I went through every page of the photo forum to try and find some inspiration and there were hardly any pictures there. Is this a case of people feeling like they don’t measure up? Or a lack of the technology to post? Or just a love of the anonymity? I have been to other sites where just about everyone posted their pic and continued updating them as they made progress as a sort of accountability to the others in the community. But there is none of that here. I think it is a shame that only a few have posted their pics. But if things keep up like they have then even fewer will for fear of being chewed up…