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photo critque

i was wondering what pics/information was needed for a proper critque? im trying to build up the balls to post a few pics. thanks for your help.


A quick trip to the photo forum will give you an idea of the type of info people want/need before they’ll offer any constructive advice.

Flames, slams, disses, insults…hell, just post your pic with no shot of your wheels, no face, and bragging about how you are the best thing since Jesus.

yo dude just post it,these people dont know you and it seems to be a good way to get a non-bias opinion about what you have done with yur body.what are your stats ht,wt,bf% etc…?

you have to show your cock!

I thought P-Dog was a guy.

So did the rest of us until recently.

Heh, I second the wheels comment, don’t dare put a pic up w/out a leg shot, but please please please no underwear, much less bikini underwear shots…

got me pretty good with that one…