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Photo Contest


So I want to enter this photo contest to win $500 at my school. I'm not a photographer though and not sure what makes a good picture. Here are some of the ones I was contemplating, I could use some help picking one out of this bunch.

first one














last one i could prob make sky and water bluer i think


I’m not a photographer but I really like number five. It kind of plays into a whole powerless in the face of nature/solitude thing…


ya I like that one too, I was wondering if it was too simple though, got 3-4 more to post and I’ll post some poor quality pics of previous year winners









last one. so all these are from NL (1-7) and portugal 8-11 taken by me or my gf. I have tweaked 1-6 to brighten colors, can probably do same for others making sky bluer and grass greener.


6 with a little curves action would be fantastic.


pic of previous year winners (photos on wall at school). hard to see I know but you get an idea of level of competition here.


and third. So as you can see pretty stiff standards i think. I’m hoping no one applies for this sort of thing so I can win it.


[quote]F3M4 wrote:
6 with a little curves action would be fantastic.[/quote]

hmmm, what do you mean curve action? My photoshoping skills are limited


second one again of past winners


I believe its under image>adjustments>curves
Try the auto setting, and if that doesn’t work, mess with it.