Phosphitdylserine stories...

Anyone taking phosphitdylserine?
If so, how much are you taking?
What has been the effect in terms of recovery from intense workouts?

Too expensive! You need at least 800mg/day, that can get very expensive.

I took PS 800 mg before workouts (with power drive) for about 2 weeks. I didn’t notice any difference in terms of recovery, or anything else. There are some good studies on it though, that shows it lowers cortisol levels.

i take the prosource brand 500mg pill with a vitamin b4 i workout with a sip of surge. can’t quantify effects in any way considering so many other variables. been doing it for years though and i feel great after workouts. I would say that it is also good in the morning when cortisol levels are high, but i’ve never taken it then. laters pk

One of my clients was having problems losing abdominal and tricep fat. On recommendation from Charles Poliquin I added PS to her regimine and magically the fat is starting to disappear.

Depends on your training intensity. If you are training REAL hard, you could take upwards of 600-800mg a day. I was doing a 3 day a week split w/weights and 2 days high intensity sprinting. I took 400mg a day and it worked great for me. I didn’t take it post workout, just 200mg w/two of my meals. A friend of mine took upwards of 600mg a day, and he started to complain of joint pain.(He’s in his 30’s, I’m in my 20’s, that could be part of it) So if you’re going to take a high dose, you might want to look into a joint support as well.
As far as the effect it had. I woke up with energy every day. My recovery went through the roof. I didn’t notice any weight loss, but I’m already lean so I wasn’t really paying attention. I think it’s a great product when undergoing an intense training cycle, or any Ian King workout, but because of the price it isn’t essential to take all the time. My 2cc

Cortisol levels aren’t always higher in the morning, in fact many people have lowered cortisol levels in the morning. Taking PS at this time would not be recommended. The administration of the dose is specific to the hormonal profile of the user. Cortisol is a necessary hormone and too high is not good, yet nor is too low a level. People who have a hard time “waking up” in the morning are generally the ones who have low morning cortisol. In this case you would need something to pick up cortisol levels to get them in the normal range. Licorice root is good for this, especially in a topical creme form. A saliva based hormonal profile would be best performed 4 or 5 times throughout the day(thus the reason for saliva test as opposed to blood) to find the different levels of the hormone to see precisely when they are high and when they are low. Add the PS when they are high, licorice root when they are low and you should have a good balanced level throughout the day.