The studies done on this look very promising. I even checked in with one at Chico State and talked with someone who put it together. At 800mg, cortisol levels were reduced by 30% if I remember correctly. One thing is messed up. The studies were done with bovine derived phosphatidylserine rather than the soy derived version. In the USA bovine PS isn’t available unless you work in some lab, so soy PS is what’s in stores and its not exactly the same molecule.

Has anyone used this before and noticed results or has anyone read any studies done with soy based PS?

It seems like its given me strength gains but I can’t be sure it not some placebo effect.

Pretty expensive stuff, too.

There was an article run here about why you don’t necessarily want to blunt your coritsol levels, but I can’t remember the title or who wrote it (sorry).

Just some food for thought if you can find it.

I was reading some archived Poliquin articles, was quite big on the stuff. Though honestly, at 800mg a pop, its just cost prohibitive in australia - 45 bucks or something for 30 100mg caps…

Way back in the day AST produced a pre-workout 800mg dosage product of PS called PS Complex. I used it for a while. Can’t say I got huge, can’t say it helped with recovery much either from what I remember. I know CP is big on this stuff but the cost is simply not worth it.

Now, PS does have a very positive benefit on the brain and I have used it for longer time frames at 200mg/day for this reason. Save for Syntrax’s Cerebro, I have yet to find a product that helped with brain and memory function better than PS.

But again, cost was the reason I stopped using PS. The most reliable, fairly in-expensive way to go is NOW Foods brand soy-based PS that comes in 100mg dosage.

Would suggest you look at NAC as a way of control exercise-induced catabolism

Doesnt Animal Stak have 300mg in it?