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Anyone aware of the phosphatidylserine product that Prosource just issued? It claimes to have 550mg of Phosphatidylserine per tablet and you can get 60tabs for around $35.00. Anyone who is familiar with this product will agree that it is a fucking cheap price. I have used Phosphatidylserine in the past and like the product! Especially stacked with Power Drive and during stressful times. I hope this product is legit and just ordered a bottle recently. I will post my feedback shortly.

Remember that it is ACTIVE phosphatidylserine that you are looking for, and about 800mg of it. I think you get around 100mg active PS per 500mg or so, something like that.

Scott, correct. However, prosurce claims to have 550mg of active Phosphatidylserine fer tablet, no filler etc