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Does anyone have any personal experience, or observed others successfully using Phosphatidylserine to reduce cortisol?

Also, are there any other uses for the supplement?

I got the ProSource version for a month.

I didn’t notice anything spectacular - I’m training for a marathon and I’m still lifting so I’m running when I wake up and lifting at night.

I was taking 600 mg in the AM and 600 mg at night after weight training.

I notice better focus taking high amounts of ALC. But, some say you need to take the PS for 3 months to see the full results. If you have the $$ give it a shot…

Hope that helps.

Just be careful you don’t overdo it!

I had a scary asthmatic response when taking it frequently. It was scary because I went out for a run and my chest tightened up like mad and I was coughing bad for a long time. I stopped taking it and this went away. It was scary because I’ve never had anything like that happen before.


How many Mg’s were you taking at the time?

I believe 400mg from NOW brand. I think I was taking it daily, and maybe sometimes extra.

But perhaps it might effect me differently because I had asthma when I was very young. So I dunno. Just a heads up that it might possibly cause some problems.

I had allergic asthma when I was younger and have been using NOW brand for about a month now at 600 mgs to 800 mgs a day. I just ended my second cycle that lasted about 12 weeks. I have not only retained all of my gains but, have been continuing to get stronger/leaner. I do however take other nootropics/alcar and pircacetam. WTIM, I think taking just PS alone won’t give you results that you’re as likely to feel as taking it with other nootropics esp. alcar. BTW while it’s unrelated large doses of green tea extract make that whole stack WAAY better in terms of addding energy to the enhanced foucus.