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Phosphatidylserine Timing/Dosage?

Coach, I’ve recently started taking phosphatidylserine, I train in the evening, so I’ve employed it along with glycine/Rhodiola. My question is optimal dosage, currently I’m doing 800mg 1hr-1:30hr pre training, then another 800mg post training along with the glycine. Does this sound right or overkill/unnecessary? I should note, I have a Finibar 1hr pre training, Plazma during, Mag-10 post.

800mg x 2 in such a short period is overkill. While it probably will not hurt (PPS is a modulator, not a “decreaser” of cortisol… there would be a problem if it brought cortisol down too low, but it won’t be the case) it is a lot of wasted money. I’d stick to the pre-workout dose and have glycine/magnesium post-wokout

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