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PhosphatidylSerine for Belly Fat?


did anyone ever use PhosphatidylSerine for belly fat issues?? has anyone ever seen any benefits?? because i think i have cortisol issues


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I've used it and have noticed no difference in mood, cognition, nor belly fat. I'll look up my current dosage and manufacturer and get back to you.

It is expensive and I don't believe it was worth it's expense in my case. That being said, I do have a half dozen unopened, sealed bottles I'd be willing to sell for half of whatever I paid. PM me if you're interested.


I rediscovered this in my supplement stash recently. I have it in powder form and have started taking roughly an 8th of a teaspoon with my post-WO shake. I used to take it like this previously as I think I have potential cortisol issues with stubborn fat around the midsection. I've no idea if it contributes anything but I am determined to finish the stuff as I don't like wasting expensive supplements.


any one else to share opinion please?


I don't use PPS specifically, but the active form Serine Phosphate (which my pharmacist tells me is more effective and cheaper), but have had greatly improved sleep quility, especially after high volume workouts, and I know that sleep contributes to fat loss. So I guess it helps with belly fat indirecly.