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Hi there…
does anyone have tried Phosphotidylersine after a roids cycle to shut down cortisone level and keep your mass gains???
Does it really work??

Thanx you guys…

I’m trying exactly that at the moment, using PS on workout days (see a comment by Tim (I think) on the main site quite a while ago). I’m also using the 2x6 Tribex protocol. What I’m not using is Clomid ('cos I can’t lay my hands on any - I’ve been using Novaldex during the cycle) - so getting the “axis” back online is a big concern. Given that my natural T is going to be low for a while, PS is my best bet for minimising the effects of the cortisol backlash. So far things seem OK, but I’m only just at the end of the “taper down” so my views may change in a couple of weeks. I’ll let you know.
If anyone else has any experience of using PS in this context, I’d be very interested to hear about it.

I’ve had better results using Tribex, as opposed to phosphatidylserine, to maintain gains after a cycle. I recall Tim Patterson mentioning that Tribex actually lowered cortisol in one of their studies. I believe he, or one of the other T-Mag writers, also mentioned that the form of PS used in supplements isn’t the same as was used in most of the research. One is derived from animal sources, while the other is from plant sources. I’m not sure which is which.