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Phosphatidyl Serine Users


To those of you who take phosphatidyl serine, which kind do you buy? I've seen it in powdered form 50% PS 100g's and nowfoods has caps with added choline and inositol.

The caps seem the most convenient way, but it has other ingredients. The powder seems the most economical, but what's up with "50% PS" and is it drinkable at a dose of 400-800mg?

edit: what dose does everyone take, and when?


I've had 20% PS in the past, works well, makes you feel a little stoned if you take too much.

Obviously 1 gram of the 20% powder comes out to 200mg actual PS, so you have to take 2-4g with each meal. But I've never had a liquid or capsule version, only the powder.



you take it with each meal? do you take it for its cognitive enhancing effects or for cortisol lowering? is it drinkable?

i have only read about taking it post workout at a dose of 400-800mg.


I take Poliquin's PS powder.



I take it to lower cortisol, but it can be pretty expensive to run for the long term.

But I find that Gycline works just as well, 5g each meal, and it's a hell of a lot cheaper then PS.

CT recommends 400-800mg PWO to lower cortisol. But he also has recommended it for people with high cortisol issues to use 400-800mg with each meal (or 5g Glycine each meal, depending which one you have).

As for the cognitive benefits, I know that lower cortisol levels and lead to better memory, but PS or Glycine does not directly effect cognitive ability as far as I know. I could be wrong about that though.



Thanks for the info LR.


No worries man, and also, PS doesn't have any taste, no there's no problems just mixing it with water.