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phosphatidilserine? (ps)


anybody's using it? as a brain drug? cortisol suppressor? I just read an abstarct of some swedish study that said it lowered abdominal fat storage through a decrease in cortisol. since evrybody that is trying to juggle work training and others (bombs in busses) has alot of cortisol, this sounds pretty good (also for "feel-good" and anti-catabolic/recovery reasons)

whats the lowdown?
any down regulating?
any good brands?




I bought and used the GNC brand about a year and a half ago. I followed the directions, mainly using it as an anti-catabolic agent.

I had a 30 day supply. I was lifting regularly but was also doing 3 days of cardio.

Can't say it did a whole lot for me. It seems to me like more of a minute supplement, along the lines with glutamine. Some research has shown good things about PS but I haven't seen much real world data to back that up, including from myself.

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PS is a great supp. I've been using it for the last 2 years with clients and self.
Try to use 600-800 Mg after the last workout of the day. Should help improve test/cortisol ratio.
DO NOT GO OVER 2400 MG PER WEEK. I usualy use it in the 4 heaviest/worst days of the week, both training-wise and stress-wise.
The protocol is 4*700mg per week.
PS is one of those supp' that you recognize its benefit from a good training-log. You wont feel the effect right away, but if you'll try using it for a couple of weeks and record your progress, you will notice improved hypertrophy and strength.
BTW, expensive but works.
Hope I was helpful. Ido.


I forgot to mention, I used Solgar and Memolife from nutrelife. (One of those brain-stacks, contains other chemicals besides PS)


I understand from allesi and that swedish research that you need at laest 800mg of active ps. regular ps has 30-60% active ps.

MP, what was your dosage?





I belive I was taking 600mg on training days.
I took half before training and the other half after.

At the time I lifted and then did cardio directly after four days a week.

This really wasn't a scientific study for me so I really can't say what would have happened minus the PS.

My thoughts after taking it were just that I would have been better off buying more food, protein powder, protein bars, mag-10, etc.

If I had an unlimited cash reserve I would probably employ PS again.

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