Phosphatidic Acid?

Anyone had any experience with phosphatidic acid? Two small studies promise paradise in gains and strength. Very expensive products, with a Biotest version available. Is it worth it?

Most likely a waste of money. Looks like there are a couple sketchy studies on it, but I couldn’t find any real data.


There are some threads about it over in the Biotest forum.

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@RT_Nomad! Noticed you gave PA a good review on the Biotest forum. Do you still feel the same way? How did your successful findings develop over time?

I felt that I plateaued after 2 months. The greatest benefit was in my ability to add higher reps, but made no noticeable strength increase in the lower reps: 3 to 10 reps. That was disappointing to me.

I haven’t tried PA in the last 5 months. Currently I am trying a version of metabolic training that includes 30-10-30 and 6 sets of 6 reps with a 10 second rest. I plan to reintroduce PA in mid June to see if can improve my 6 sets of 6, which as I get to the 4th set my endurance makes the last 2 sets impossible to do without lowering the weight. I started trying to use the same weight for 6 sets of 6 as I do with 30-10-30, which I quickly found that I needed to drop about 10% to get all 6 sets.

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Thanks RT! I will probably try PA in the near future, for what it’s worth. Currently doing Zone Training, keeping track on progress, which will make it obvious if there is any positive outcome. But it certainly is the most expensive supplement I have encountered!

For your information there is also ecdysterone. The described effect of PA reminds me of my experiences with ecdysterone. A great supplement, and not as expensive as PA. But - you have to choose the right brand in order to get a standardized product. I have earlier mentioned this GMP-facility in Bulgaria that ships worldwide. Google ecdysterone, bulgaria and “herb”, and you will find the company site. They are approved by several athletes from all over Europe, which should mean they are serious. There is also one american vendor who supposedly makes great stuff (expensive though).

PA affects mTOR. Ecdysterone affects an estrogen receptor beta.