Phosphatidic Acid: How Much? Before or After Workout?


I want to know a thing about phosphatidic acid…how much to take it for optimal results? 750 mg? 1.5 g? or 3 ? and when to take it?

Focus on the important things like consistent effort and nutrition first.


i already do this…my nutrition is on point and training is the same

Then you honestly should already be getting awesome results. If in doubt: always room for more effort.

Edit: I’m not trying to be snarky or a know it all, just trying to warn against “optimal” or “magic bullet” thinking.


ohhh ok i understand… thank you man !

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You are overthinking every thing.


keep it simple

I had no idea what this is. So I thought I’d look it up.

Phosphatidic acids are anionic phospholipids important to cell signaling and direct activation of lipid-gated ion channels. Hydrolysis of phosphatidic acid gives rise to one molecule each of glycerol and phosphoric acid and two molecules of fatty acids. They constitute about 0.25% of phospholipids in the bilayer.

Still don’t know. :rofl: :joy: