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Phosphate and weight loss!

Do any of the T-mag readers have any experience with the use of phosphates for weight (fat) loss or performance improvements?

As an endurance athlete I have been using phosphate (3 g/day) prior to my most important competitions this season and I have been very satisfied with the results.

After 5-7 days of phosphate loading I notice a slight increase in my body temperature (BMR!) and I was therefore wondering if it would have any applications for people on a fat loss/low cal diet?

Will Brink has theorized that supplemental phosphates are useful for dieting bodybuilders and athletes, and for this reason Metabolic Thyrolean includes this. It is a good product but its efficacy might well be explained by its other ingredients particularly the guggul extract. If you are living on protein powder instead of food, and not drinking much soda (loaded with phosphoric acid) then it’s a reasonable guess that supplemental phosphates might be good for you. You’d be getting them in food, but not in the protein powder you’re replacing the food with.

Hey, maybe that’s why I crave almost 2 liters of Diet Coke per day! :slight_smile:

Furthermore there was a recent study performed by the Polish academy of sciences which looked at the importance of phosphates during a low calorie diet. They took 36 overweight women, ages 31-46, and put them all on a 1000 calorie diet which consisted of approximately of 40%-50% carbohydrates, 30%-40% proteins and 10%-20% fats. 18 of the women took a phosphate capsule for the first 4 weeks and a placebo for the last 4 weeks. The other 18 women took the placebo first then the phosphate capsule accordingly. The phosphate capsule was a combination of 537-mg calcium phosphate, 107-mg potassium phosphate 25-mg sodium phosphate with other trace amounts of minerals.

After the 8 weeks both groups of women lost weight. Yet while both groups were taking the phosphate supplement the resting metabolic rate increased 12%-19%. Moreover unlike diets without the phosphates, these women kept their triiodothyronine(T3) levels up, hence the change in metabolism. In conclusion this study may have shown the relation between phosphates and regulating T3 levels while dieting. What this study does not show is whether or not phosphates have any effect on lean bodybuilders, men, or older or younger people than the subjects in the study. Also 1000 calories are fairly low and perhaps a higher calorie diet may not deem the same effects. Obviously more studies would have to be conducted but it wouldn’t hurt to try any supplements containing phosphates, not that I’m trying dismay customers from Biotest.

My wife and I have found that Metabolic Thyrolean is an excellent compliment to MD-6 (and Androsol, in my case). During our most recent diet cycle, we both had more energy and better attitudes than any other times using MD-6 only, and losing bodyfat was pretty much effortless. A good product, IMO.