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Phonebook Ripping?

Anyone do it?
I figured I’d try to accomplish it. I have tackled one of those 1.5 inch ones so far, was kinda fun to do.
Gonna start working my grip strength. Maybe I’ll keep yall posted on the progress and post a video the day a accomplish this feat.

Hmm, this is a strange post after reading it.

Before throwing out some old ones a few months ago I gave it a try. Got one that was about 2 inches somewhat easy but when going for one of the thicker ones it just wasnt happening.

What’s the important part… thumb strength?

It’s all about technique.

I went to a seminar awhile back that the diesel crew was at, watched that guy Jedd tear through a very thick phone book in short order… the man has a ridiculous grip. He tore through deck after deck of cards like it was nothing.

Despite that, if I recall correctly he said while grip strength was important, a lot of it was technique and a strong upper back. You simply can’t tear a phonebook with your forearms… and if you want to get good at it you need to practice tearing the book by pulling it with your back rather than actually trying to rip it with your hands.

Way harder than they make it look in the videos, just tore one after about 10 minutes figuring it out. My advice, if it doesn’t look like it’s tearing keep going anyway and study the hustle video posted closely. The pulling with the back advice helped alot too. If I can do this then most of you can.