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Phoenix, AZ Sports Bars/Gyms?


Hey guys, my company is flying me out to Phoenix, AZ for the next two weeks for training. I'm looking for two things:

  1. An awesome sports bar to watch UFC 57 and party it up for Super Bowl Sunday

  2. A kickass gym who'll let me workout there on a short-term basis

I'm staying at the Doubletree Resort in Scottsdale. Doesn't Waterbury rock the AZ? I'd love to hear from you guys - thanks!

P.S.: Also, any clubs or other bars or hangouts you like would also be much appreciated.


I stayed in Scottsdale last summer for two months,so while I don't live there,I can point you in the right direction.In Scottsdale,you have most of the bars and nightclubs in Old Town Scottsdale.Scottsdale is the Beverly Hills of Phoenix,so you might find it hard to find a real sports bar.But right down the street a few miles is Tempe,where ASU is located.Here you will find tons of sports/college bars,especially on Mill St.There is even a Hooters on Mills St. if you want to be served beer and hot wings by beautiful college girls.As far as gyms,there is a gym called LA Fitness that I used when I was in Scottsdale last summer,they sell daily,weekly,or a monthly pass for short term users.They have a pretty lage building,and a large free weight area.


Go to the FOX Sports Grill on North Scottsdale Ave. There are 24 HR Fitness's all over.

  1. A kickass gym who'll let me workout there on a short-term basis

Hey, check out Pure Fitness. I think there is at least one in Scottsdale somewhere, if not two. I'm almost certain that they have free trial passes on their website. Print one out and bring it in. I train there and it's a good place: several racks, heavy dbs, tons of benches, etc....


Lol you might be able to train with the Powda then; I'm a member there.

They used to offer a two week pass for $25. Also try Cactus park on the NE corner of SCottsdale/Cactus; I'm not sure if it's only for Scottsdale Residents though.

Monday: Dos Gringos, Acme Roadhouse
Tuesday: Next (if you're into the hip-hop scene which I'm not)
Wed: Myst
Thurs: Dos, Acme, tons of other places in old town scottsdale
Fri: Any of the above
Sat: any of the above

Sports Bars...Maybe Jillians in Desert Ridge (101 and Tatum)


Thanks for the 411 guys! I actually have an LA Fitness membership up here in Washington so that's awesome, given that my membership is applicable at all locations.

A few others have told me about Dos Gringos. Thanks so much guys!