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Phoenix-Area Gym Recommendations?


Looks like I'll be moving out to Phoenix this fall.

Any recommendations for Oly/PL/Strongman gyms in the area?

It's never easy to find these on your own.


Strengthworks is out in Tempe...this is Kevin Nee's gym, IIRC.

I'm pretty sure Galvatron who posts here from time to time trains there.



That's interesting to see the website for Strengthworks is still up, since the place closed down over a year ago...


Well damn.


Gonna bump this. I know Staley's facility is in the Phoenix area, but I'm not sure if that's a "gym" gym. I looked it up on his website and it's hard to tell.


Make sure to stay away from the Pure Fitnesses in the area...I'm still banned at their locations for "disrupting business methods" aka teaching people how to squat correctly


I second this. Pure Shitness was the place I moved into after Strengthworks closed. Lasted maybe a couple months there until the managers who let us move in were either fired or let go or whatever, then with the new management we were forced to leave after a week.


I too would be interested in suggestions for gyms in Phoenix. I used to work out at Strenghtworks till it closed, since then I have been a nomad and am currently forced to train at the SRC at ASU, which sucks balls.


I'm a powerlifter and I train at Triple Threat Performance out in Tempe. It's mainly a sports performance facility but its got all the accomodations anyone would need. http://triplethreatperformance.net/ thats the website and the youtube channel with videos of athletes from the facility is http://www.youtube.com/user/weightcoach ...pm me if you have any questions


Thanks weightHERO.

I checked out the link too... are you the guy squatting or the one yacking on the cell phone in the background? =)

Looks like a gem of a facility!


I just moved from Phoenix so I'll try my best to help.

If you just want a commercial gym then there is Gold's Gym by the stadium in Peoria that is good. A few Bodybuilding pros like Troy Alves train there, so they should be pretty forgiving about heavy lifting. http://www.goldsgym.com/...x.php?gymID=961

If you're looking for a real powerlifting gym, there's Raging Inferno Power (R.I.P). It's out in Peoria and it's the real deal. Don't go there unless you plan on competing in Powerlifting.

Die Hard Gym in Peoria is another good one. They host powerlifting meets all the time, so they would be a good resource. http://www.diehardgym.com/ Might be the best of both worlds; very PL friendly but not totally focused on competition.

For God's sake don't go to any Pure Fitness or LA Fitness. Strengthworks is dead and buried; it's a frigging hookah lounge now. :frowning:

Let me know if you need any more info. Hope this is helpful for you and welcome to the desert!


lol im the one squatting


As a member of RIP, I'll say that following:
Squatting is done Sat at 8am (sometimes pulling too)
Bench is Mon (5 pm)
Pulling is Wed
Accessory work Thurs
A lot of the lifters will Squat and Bench together on the respective days. I was a member of LA fitness too because I lived out in Queen Creek. So when i wasn't doing one of the major lifts, i went to the other gym to do my "bodybuilding" stuff.

If you lift at RIP, you need to compete.

You need to be apart of the team to lift there. They wont accept you coming in and lifting every so often and then leaving them hanging when they need ppl there to spot and such.

RIP is a garage gym, but we have a mono, power rack, competition bench, glute ham raise...all the essentials to get strong

As of right now, I dont lift at RIP b/c i'm in Tucson for Grad School.

If you have any questions dont hesitate to post them up or send me a message. I'll try to get back to you ASAP. To talk to the guy who owns the gym, just go through powerlifting watch and contact Bob.


Is Thorbeckes gym still in business?



Staley's place is a Bed & Barbell, so you stay there and train there, kind of like a spa vacation except the spend the week kicking you ass instead of rubbing your back.

Phill works with him and still posts here from time to time. I'd shoot him a PM, as I'm sure he knows what the good local gyms are. He's big into PL/Strongman guy, so he should know most of the good places to hang out.


I lift at RIP and have an LA Fitness membership mostly for the pool and to check out the girls. The best commercial gym you'll find in the Phoenix area is probably Die Hard, now that Strengthworks closed. Die Hard has some competitive PL guys, some BBers, and has the right attitude. As far as I know, the only monolift in the valley is at RIP unless some random personal training center has one. There are a couple groups of strongman competitors (Kevin Nee and others) but they train at houses, as far as I know.

Stay away from 24HF and their awful polygon plates and low benches. The LA Fitness I go to is weak as hell, but I haven't gotten yelled at for using chalk or bands or for deadlifting heavy. Probably just a matter of time. You might find a random Golds that hasn't gone totally soft yet.


RIP, is that's Puke's gym?

Anyway I know that Fitness One at 35th and Unionhills was a decent gym with some PLer's and BB's. They also hosted some strongman events a few years back. I lift at the one in Surprise and I can say it's not something I enjoy, but I make due since it's close to the house.


Yeah it's puke's gym