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Phlegm and Diet

What should I be looking into if I find I have a lot of phlegm. Sometimes in the morning I will notice that I have a huge build-up of phlegm in my throat/nasal cavity.

Milk allergy?

Gluten ?

Should I try manipulating my diet and see how I respond ?

What are typically the biggest culprits for this ?


Could be dozens of things.

Allergies to something you’re exposed to each day… like your bedding (dust or dust mites), pets, certain hygiene and or cosmetic products, numerous foods, pollens, mold spores, etc.

For me, sugar, bread, dairy, and my playing too long with my pets will cause heavy mucus production.
I hate that gunked up, dripping down the back of your throat disgustingness. It can ruin a day pretty quick.

Try a little elimination diet to figure out what your individual triggers are.

One interesting thing, now that I’ve cut out processed sugars, breads, and dairy, my allergies are basically non-existant. I used to have to pop Allegra or Claritin every day just to survive, since I started Indigo and cut out all the junk food though I haven’t so much as sneezed. It’s pretty cool.