PhilzOnFire's FIREADY Log

Hey everyone!

My name is Philip;

I am 39 years old and have been in the fire service for almost 12 years. I am recently engaged to the love of my life. We are looking to adopt a dog to grow our family. Currently, I hold the rank of Engineer/Paramedic with the city of San Gabriel. I love what I do, It is the best career all around. Part of what I love about the fire service is the physical aspect of the job. To be “fire ready,” I train in various disciplines so that my body and handle the rigors of the daily repetitive movement along with the unknown demands that life surprises me with.

I enjoy training daily. Weight training and running are my go-to at the moment. I change my routine every now and then to keep myself engaged and to work on any weaknesses I may process. I am excited about this program. Looking forward to increasing my strength and endurance during the program!