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'Philosophy' on Fixing Hormones

Let me preface this by saying that I have done my research on AAS, and have even posted a pre-cycle on this forum that was OK’d by Prisoner and others. For one reason or another, I have always found a reason not to do it.

I feel like my hormones are, and have been, somewhat out of whack. Even looking back at shirtless pictures from about age 13, I have love handles and pubertal gyno. I am not fat, but I most definetly still have fat deposits on my nipple area, and have problems in the love handle area. I realize we cannot pinpoint the exact problem without a blood test (which I am currently looking into), but I feel that it is safe to conclude that my hormones have always been a little shaky, and 2 cycles of superdrol (although done ‘properly’) did not help the problem.

My question is this: Would the best course of action be to 1) Get a blood test, post the results, try to correct the problem, THEN consider a cycle?.. OR 2) Run a simple 10 week cycle of Test E + Stasis/Taper in hopes of ‘resetting’ my system? I have seen talk of ‘resetting’ ones system through a test-only cycle, but have always questioned the validity of it.

First, blood-test should be performed. If you find that your hormones truly are out of balance, you have a choice from that point. If you do not want to rely on exogenous testosterone for the remainder of your life, then you should attempt to fix the problem with the help of a qualified professional. If you do not mind injecting testosterone for the rest of your life, then you could seek out HRT treatment.

A cycle will NOT “reset” your “system”! It will only make the problem worse. You will be shutting down your HPTA for ten weeks plus…what…eight to ten weeks for the stasis/taper. So, 20 weeks of suppression will do you no good. If you had really done your research, like you claim, you would have know this already.

[quote]W.H.B. wrote:
A cycle will NOT “reset” your “system”! It will only make the problem worse. You will be shutting down your HPTA for ten weeks plus…what…eight to ten weeks for the stasis/taper. So, 20 weeks of suppression will do you no good. If you had really done your research, like you claim, you would have know this already.[/quote]

This is a quote from Westclock in a different thread, where I got the idea of a ‘reset’:
Like I said, aromasin, nolva, HCG followed by low dose letro is the last resort for recovery.

Its the big guns so to speak.

Its more complicated but it should work if JUST the letro does not.

I would try the letro first that should fix everything.

It was also suggested you simply run another short cycle and then attempt to recover from that properly.

That is a viable option, its not “technically correct” but it should work. Kinda like hitting reset if it is infact your estrogen levels that are the culprit.

A quote from Schmazz on the subject:
I’d say you’ve pretty much fucked up in your endocrine system. My guess is that you’ve completely desensitized your leydig cells. I mean, 2 MONTHS of HCG to me seems like WAY too long.

First off, get on Test E at 250mgs a week. You’re not trying to cycle here, this is just a replacement dose. I’d stay on this for about 6-8 weeks, and run a test taper with all the proper ancillaries.

I’d also run it with Caber because you could be experiencing prolactin issues. The replacement dose of Test should shut down your natural LH production, which will give it a few weeks to re-sensitize your leydig cells. The test taper should gradually ween you off the exogenous test, slowly allowing you to produce your own.

In a sense you’re going to try to completely reset your endocrine system. If this doesn’t work, say hello to TRT.

And one more thing, don’t use HCG or HMG during your recovery, it’s only going to desensitize your leydig cells.

Look - i would go with advice from WHB on this site over the vast majority - that aside, you need to realise that the term ‘recovery’ implies you have a decent position to recover to.

You do not, you have a natural level (assumed) of a chubby 8 year old girl (according to your description) - and a ‘reset’ of the nature you described will only allow you to get to the best you have ever been… somewhere around your 15-19th birthday.

You have never used… there is nothing to recover from!!



These strategies are geared at restoring your natural hormonal balance following a failed PCT. Not so much for an individual whose natural balance has never been quite right.

Sounds like you are having production and level problems.

Letro and other AI’s might assist you, but they cant “fix” you like they do with many experiencing elevated levels post cycle. You would need to stay on them long term as your potentially elevated estrogen is “normal” for your body.

For those with healthy HPTA the body would EVENTUALLY correct itself, it will just take a long time.

Your body is not likely capable of normal production in the first place.

Get some full blood work done, we cant make any real stabs at what could be done to improve your condition until we see it.

When guys cycle we can make certain assumptions about what their issue is based on symptoms, what drugs they took, and what they used to PCT with.

With you there is nothing to go on, its just guessing.

Gotcha. I’ll do my best to get a blood profile ASAP. Sorry to throw out quotes from you all, and I didn’t mean to dimiss WHBs post, I just really didn’t want to be the guy that comes on here asking questions without having read the proper information. I’ll report back with blood work.

I think people have a bad tendency to take answers to questions from other threads, and mistakenly apply them to their unique situation. Even if a problem sounds similar, it doesn’t mean that a given answer will apply to, or resolve, your problem. So, I won’t comment on the advice given by West and Schmazz, as I have no idea what questions they were responding to. My advice is for you and your situation.

The thought that suppressing an already malfunctioning endocrine system will some-how restore proper function…is just…stupid. First, you need to understand, there is a difference between low testosterone and a malfunctioning endocrine system. Either condition will present a unique solution set. When you get blood work done, you could discover that everything is pretty much normal, but you are just a low testosterone guy. That is why blood work is important here…you are just speculating, at this point, about the state of your hormonal balance.

Either way, you should seek out a qualified professional to help you with your situation. From that point you can make better informed decisions about how you want to handle whatever it is that is “wrong” with you. No-one here, as far as I know, is an M.D. We here deal with the recreational use of hormones. Yes, there are a select few here that most likely know more about the endocrine system than your average doctor, but they don’t work for you, and you aren’t paying them. Good luck!