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Philosophical Perspectives


Of course, seeing as this is a bodybuilding forum, I would believe that one's thought would wander elsewhere then to the ultimate thinker of them all: Philosophy in itself.

When I say Philosophy, I mean in broad range, do not limit yourself to another's thoughts, they of course are entitled to such, but, to solely believe in such views (ie: only believing in existentilism etc.) is ignorant on your part.

I have not studied philosophy and I am only limited to my own thoughts and beliefs and relatively little of others.

So, considering the popularity of this off-topic subsection, I thought it would be nice to see the Philosophical Perspectives of all of the people here in T-Nation.


gkchesterton: The purpose of that is to help another find one's own beliefs and what they relegate to, although not neccesarily always used in that way, I would find zero value in doing such unless one felt it were right to do such.


I've been doing a lot of thinking about purpose, meaning, philosophy, theology, etc etc. Some things I've found interesting are existentialism and Humanism


In a nutshell, I feel like the only meaning of the Universe is the one you assign to it for yourself. Your only purpose is the purpose you find meaningful and are passionate about. If you waste your life doing stuff you don't really care about, or being stressed about things, you blew it.
The golden rules are common sense but critical - treat others as you want to be treated, live life to the fullest, chase your dreams, don't talk with your mouth full, and so on.
Find what's really important to you, pursue it with everything you have, and don't sweat the rest.

"If you ain't learnin, you ain't livin" - me


Sometimes philosophers ask specific questions in order to start a meaningful conversation.


Guaranteed some dickbag is going to post some Ayn Rand bullshit in this thread.
Philosophy, my ass.


Objectivism - look up Ayn Rand, Rand Institute if you want exposure to a practical philosophy based in logic...

Oh, and I heart ID


God exists in your mind only, and if you don't exist, neither does God.


Nihilism is a philosophical stance that existence is without meaning, purpose, or intrinsic value, and that there is no morality whatsoever. Sounds good to me, plus you get to wear cool black clothes and talk with an accent.

"Vee beeleef nussink!!!"


how can god be contained by an idea? its existence (or lack thereof) is irrelevant to my thoughts


Philosophical statements to live by.

You guys speak a lot of mumbo jumbo. All you need is some simple sayings and the rest takes care of itself.

Statement one
Everybody wanna be a bodybuilder, but don't nobody wanna lift no heavy ass weights.

Statement two
Aint notin but a peanut!!

Statement three
Light weight!! Light wight babeh!! AHHHHHHHH!! ARRHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!

These make the most sense to me.



From a practical perspective, how could I be sure someone like that is not an existentialist?

The beret?


Always a dead giveaway. Any self respecting Nihilist would never wear a beret. They just don't believe in them.


I identify with Ayn Rand. However , I would say read the treatise by Peikohf about Objectivism because I believe simply reading Atlas shrugged, etc alone does not give a full insight into her philosophy. I have read others, Hobbes, Neitzche, Rosseau...etc and I would encourage others to do the same, if anything to understand that which you oppose. Even if one does not like or agree with Rand, you should still read it to understand it and vice versa.

I love philosophy and feel that it is relevant to everything in life. From an academic perspective it really teaches you how to construct and dissect and argument. Logic and reason are powerful tools when used correctly.

Existance exists....


..identification is the source of suffering. To end suffering identification must cease...



I don't believe that.


So, the reason aliens are so peaceful and serene must be because the craft they fly in are unidentified.


Without identification is without existence.

You are stating the obvious, however, neglected to mention that identification is also the creator of every other emotion.


..which is a game of semantics. Identification happens naturally. Therefore suffering is natural, yet it is unwanted. The paradox is twofold: I live and I suffer. I only suffer because I live. To end suffering however is not the end of life, it is the end of identification. Can you live without identification? What is left when identification ends?


..is a baby without existence? When an infant is hungry, it cries. When it is happy, it smiles. If it tastes something it doesn't like, it's displeased. So there is emotion, feeling and expression without identification. Perhaps i must quantify that statement though, because in certain respects to be totally without identification means you won't know what a shoe is, for instance...

..knowing this, having realised this, does release you from needless suffering but maintains the ability to function in society. Not all of us are priviledged enough to live in a monestary, that's for sure...


..did they look peaceful and serene when they probed you anally?