Philosopher - Back at It

Always been active as a kid played soccer and teakwondo for most of my childhood. After I finished my study (physical education) I applied for a job in the military. Had a great time but after a shattered ankle I wasnt able to go back to my old job which left a huge hole. After a few wrong turns I applied for a university and started my education to become a physical therpist which I finished.

Meanwhile I never stopped training. Back than they told me I should be glad if I could ever walk in a normal fashion again. 3 years later finished a marathon and a olympic distance triathlon. Training for a an ironman I was biking late into the night when a car overlooked me and basically drove over my left leg. A few broken bones (femur, patella, dislocated knee, collarbone and wrist) and some rehabilitation later I was back on my feet again although it left me with a weak knee and wrist. Got demotivated started working towards my DPT, moved into a new house and became a father but lost all appetite for working out.

Now a year later Im done with this weak ass mentality and will try to document my way back into lifting, running, conditioning, swimming, biking or whatever else I think is fun.

The master plan for X weeks
Day 1: UB Heavy
Day 2: Tempo Run
Day 3: LB Heavy
Day 4: Rest
Day 5: Interval/Hill training
Day 6: UB light
Day 7: Time Trail
Day 8: R
Day 9: Repeat

Im gonna do a charity run in September (running with people who got brain trauma due to various reasons). So the main focuss is to be fit enough to run a 5k (below 30mins would be nice) and get back into the lifting habbit.

Anyhow here goes nothing feel free to comment or share information which could help me be a better “athlete”