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Philly T-men

I’ll be in Philadelphia over the weekend, is there any good gym in the area? On a related note, is there any good places to hang out?

You might want to drop Joel Marion an email in case he doesn’t see this; he’s only a few minutes away from Philly.

I’m not too sure about the gyms, as I dont work out in Philly, but there are plenty of places to hang out. Also, are you being really strict with your diet? If not, I got a few inexpensive places you gotta stop at for a bite to eat.

I’ll be in Philly NEXT weekend (6-9), so yeah Joel, lay it out for us. Thanks!

Christian- 12th.Street gym in downtown philly is pretty good. Lot’s of iron, not too much foo-foo. Lot’s of hot t-vixen’s for distraction. South Street area has lots of clubs/bars and general action. Its for the young kids. Old City is also hot. Young professionals, restraunts etc. Try tangerine, cuba libre, continental.Lots of dance clubs in old city. Envy is the most well known. Another hot area is the waterfront. Big clubs, exp. drinks but plenty of activity. We like Dave and Busters for the games, decent food, pool tables and rubbing elbow’s with the occassional phila. pro sports guys. Hope this helps. I lived in downtown philly for a long time until we went to the burbs.

For a gym try Bodytech on Torresdale Ave in Northeast Philadelphia.

My kids recommend you try:
Main Street in Manayunk( a section of Phila)
Olde City ( area around 2nd @ Market)
University City ( area near U of Penn and Drexel U )
All three areas have many restaurants and clubs.

Is the football program mentioned in an earlier messaage available online?

Hope you enjoy your stay in Philadelphila

Thanks for all the help guys! If I ever see a guy wearing a testosterone shirt in Philly I’ll be sure to go talk to him.

one of the best area gyms-is Iron Sport do a search for them about 5 minutes outside of Philly-strongman gear,oly platforms and first class equipment-Steve Pulcinella is the owner-pro in highland games and former WSM comp…tell him dWood sent you…have fun

Make sure to check out my friend Steve Maxwell’s gym called Maxercise. You will love it.

Mike, I’ll try to do so time permitting!

BTW, great article. The odd thing is that I had planned on writing one on a similar subject!!! As they say, great minds think alike!

I think thier is a Wolds Gym on Samsom street. Open 24 hours.

If you can, try and stop by Tony Lukes Old Fashioned Sandwiches on Oregon Ave in South Philly.

Their roast pork is incredible as well as their cheesesteaks; top either off with sharp provolone and you got a sandwich that is second to none. I'll probably be there Saturday night ;-)

I can see why you created the cheater’s diet :slight_smile:

Yea, I normally start every cheat session with a Luke’s sandwich; nothing I crave more. Have fun while you’re in town, bro.