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Philly Seminar


Hey guys, Wendler, Rhodes, and I are putting on a seminar at Steve Pulcinella's Iron Sport Gym in Philadelphia on January 22nd. The focus will be on raw lifting, but if someone wants to ask about or work in some gear, I'm cool with that. We'll present in the am including q&a. The afternoon will be hands on.

This is not a sales pitch, just wanted to let anyone interested in going know we are up to 30 paid already. We are going to have to cut it off soon. We don't want it to get so big where we lose the personal touch. Here's a link: http://www.ironsport.com/ Thanks for checkin it out.


anyone who is within 4 hours of Philly, I recommend packing your ass into the car and making the trip...it WILL BE the best investment you can make in your bench, guaranteed.


Yep. I'm going. Finally some real coaches who can help me stop sucking at the big three. Can't wait to have them tell me my form sucks then help me make it tight haha.


I hope everyone who attends posts their experiences back here. I highly recommend taking a video camera (if they'll allow it). Dizenzo and Rhodes are going to throw so much information at you that you'll want a way to remember it all.

Next time they do a seminar in New England I'm going to have to attend just as a refresher...I wish Rhodes and Wendler would do one on the squat.




Dizenzo is boss.


You guys Rock!

FYI, The Philly Seminar is closed. We have 45 paid. We don't want it to get any bigger because we would not have enough time to offer hands on training to everyone. If you did not get in and wanted to, send me a pm. We are putting a list together for another trip to Philly. Thanks for all the interest. This is going to be a great time.

We are also trying to effort a Vegas Seminar. Now that could be fun. Let us know if you are interested.


im in and cant wait!


ok, so for everyone who attended, how about sharing what you gathered?


Can't divulge the secrets they gave us man, sorry. Pony-up next time and get there!

Just kidding (kind of). Honestly though, it would be very hard to pass on form/technique tips as that part was very hands on. One of the biggest lessons I took away (aside from the technique tips) is that these guys don't have any wild training secrets or muscle building secrets. They're just really hard-working guys that put their time in under the bar just like any of the rest of us can do. The biggest difference is that they don't make excuses like everyone else, they stay consistent, etc. Eat fairly well, rest, train smart- that's what these guys are doing, for real.

Also, I guess form/technique wise, if you're not feeling all sorts of uncomfortable and jacked up (in a bad way) doing bench and squats, you're probably not setting up correctly!

If you have any specific questions I could try and answer them, but it will probably be stuff you've heard before because like I said these guys don't have super secret training info and stuff like that. The value in the seminar really was being there for the hands-on coaching.


I drove my ass up to Southside years ago...I think I still remember the majority of what Dizenzo and Rhodes covered with me. I'd agree some of the technique stuff is hard to relay via the internet, just thought you would have a checklist and how their raw training differs from shirted work.


Thank you to all who attended and thanks to Steve at Iron Sport for hosting it. And thanks to Vincent and Matt for taking me into their homes!


Honestly I don't recall them talking about the differences in their raw training and shirted. I do recall Dizenzo saying he only wears his shirt like twice leading up to a shirted meet, and that his shirted bench form is very similar to raw, only that his shirted touches about an inch or so lower on his torso. I would check out their logs on elitefts.com, and if you don't find the answers there then write in to the q&a and ask them, I'm sure they will answer you.


Weird...I was always under the impression that Dizenzo learned bench technique from Crawford and got in his shirt pretty regularly (unless he was training for a raw meet).

I do know that his mantra is SFW...as long as you're doing that, you should be making progress.


It was very good, but I've attended and hosted a few in the past, so it was a rehash mostly. I never had Dicenzo teach a bench set up, so that was the highlight for me. a lot out of it. Take one of you can. You'll never get any better practical advice.


It was very good, but I've attended and hosted a few in the past, so it was a rehash mostly. I never had Dicenzo teach a bench set up, so that was the highlight for me. a lot out of it. Take one of you can. You'll never get any better practical advice.


Yeah I thought it was awesome. It was humbling to have Wendler sit there and say "dude your squat form sucks" when I thought I wasn't that bad. I took away a lot of little details that will probably translate to nice improvements and adding more weight to the bar. Definitely worth the trip.

Definitely wish I was closer to philly. Iron sport is fucking awesome and anybody would be lucky to train there.