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Philly Gyms


Im moving to downtown philly soon and am looking for good gyms. IronSport is like 15 mins. away and i hear its a good gym for PL and strongmen so ill probably join there but i want to join somewhere close to work also (Franklin Plaza- 17th street).

Also looking for a good MMA gym (im not competitive just like to do some training for cardio). Appreciate any reccos!




I think there is a Worlds Gym on Sampson Street.


If your looking for places to train MMA, you should check out Philly MMA . I was there once and they have a lot of bags plus a cage and ring (I think). If your looking for schools that train BJJ and some MMA (not main focus) you should check out Balance studios. I forget to mention Hatfield MMA too.

Here is a good website for MMA in PA info http://members.aol.com/indywrestlingpa/shootfight/news.html

Talk to you later.


Yeah that Worlds gym is ok-ive trained there b4. Anyone else?