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Phill's Progress Thread


OK Im stoked and am going to ramble on about a PR I got today. All the damn work. The grunting, spitting, cursing, pissing, bleeding, lets not forget eating, and hell that?s just the FUN shit that we look forward to, is paying off. Instead of just have a new thread for every little goal I get be it a PR, a size gain etc. Ill just make this my official progress thread. Things are just going damn good as of late and hopefully I will be checking in fairly regular with something new. Just since making things simple lifting heavy stuff and eating for my goals/performance and less thinking about it the damn bricks are being CRUSHED.

So lets start this thread off with a good one.

OK been training by instinct. I have just set exercises I must do squat bench dl etc. then add in other stuff what I feel I need, lots of unilateral leg work to try and get the bum leg up to speed both neurally and strenght wise etc.. And also don?t follow a rep or set scheme I just give my self a time limit 20 mins and I have to just go squat, or bench. Usually heavy but just depends on the day some days less load more reps but ALWAYS a a killer work out usually in the 80%+ range then every now and again Ill feel it and go for a PR.

Well been thinking its been about 6+ weeks since I have done a Squat 1 rm. And went for a pr. I moved here to Thailand been training hard etc new gym. Going well. Have changed it up a bit and use a 14? box that brings My hip replacement having not so damn flexible ass well below parallel but after the first week or so that new lower box was helping and felt good been doing lots of Box squats on it reps that are touch and go to assure in going the same depth all the time etc. So figure hell maybe a PR tomorrow go for a solid 20lb increase to 200kg/450lbs and to a 2? lower box that would be a nice achievement up from 430lbs. Well see.

Well not the best sleep wakle upo thinking about the workout to come and its one of those rare days im seemingly beat before I enter the gym I have doubts F%$K I hate that. So I eat my damn 1000+ k/cal oats milk and fruit breakfast and take a short nap. Wake up a bit better but still in doubt but slam a bit more milk and head to the gym. Either way ill get a good workout if Im not feeling the PR I just do what feel right and nail the PR another day.

SHIT the gym owners not here and his wife is controlling the radio strike 2 normally I walk in and he cranks on the hardcore even while he?s eating break fast oh well lets do this.

Set up my stuff get the projected plates I want. Set my timer and GO. Start with just one plate. Set up drop and do 10 easy reps Damn they feel like crap just lose sloppy and slow not even the foot placement feels right. Ok two plates more of the same nial 5 easy reps but SHIT again jerky etc. Three plates set up (doubt) drop in 5 easy sloppy loose reps again. DAMN IT ok just not going to be the day time to adjust and just salvage a good workout. Slap on plate 4. Shoulder the load step back BAM all the sudden it all falls into place. 180kg and felt like Butta baby dropped down tight but smooth and fast, exploded out of the whole continued and held back at three reps. HMM?? Maybe not all bad. Went for the same load. Again yet even better three solid reps easy, smooth fast. Confidence built lets do this.

Slap on for the PR no wasting time 200kg/450lbs. Unrack, step back, set up, BREATH, drop nailed it easy as pie, no thinking just doing it dropped BAM that?s a double at 200kg/450 lbs a new PR and 2? lower than prior PR. SWEET. That was cake slap on ten more kg. 210kg/472lbs and some change. BAM smooth baby nailed it that?s a 42+lb pr. STOKED. 5kg More?? That felt good it was a 42+lb PR. I know I can get 5kg more. NO im to close just do it, pull the dimes off slap on another plate 5 plates 220kg/495lbs a 65 lb PR. Set up, drop BAM fast out of the hole, it slows about 5 inche up But NAILED it had enough going coming out of the bottom to press through it.

Nailed 5 plates, and a 65 lb PR. SWEET. All that damn work. The grunting, spitting, cursing, pissing, bleeding, lets not forget eating, and hell that?s just the FUN shit that we look forward to, is paying off.

Just had to share. Hopefully more to come. Havent maxed on anything g in a bit so its about that time.

Just had to share
Oh and man that killer squat workout, I can feel my Bi?s getting bigger already LOL



Good stuff Phill!


Nice work and awesome PR bro!

Stay strong


Good shit Phill!


That's a sweet PR!!

You'll add an inch to your arms in no time. :slightly_smiling:

Thailand? You'll have to write the next installment of Shugart's old series. We'll all just hope it doesn't involve you meeting any of those "ladies" over there.


Thanks all. Im pretty damn happy about it. makes carrying a bit more BF worth it the progress im making.

Rugger... by god I was warned about the lady boys here but MY GOD I had no damn idea that there were as many as there are. Id say there are close to more Lady boys as regular Boys its crazy good thing is the HOT real ladies out number them. Just dont take a wrong turn.


Hell THANK YOU Mike for the help lately. Giving me that outsiders veiw and pointing out some weak points and ways to attack them. Helped a lot and led to that PR Im positive.


Good work Phil, I don't even have the heart to tell you 220kg = 485lbs.


Ah hell my fault bad math I always thought it was 2.25 lbs per not 2.2 anyrate still a 55 lb pr and something further to shoot for.



OK not really al all time PR but a nice damn step back. been over a 2 years since I have attempted let alone succeeded in benching 300lbs + with out PAIN!!!! Today got 140KG twice for solid singles PAIN free. felt I could have easily went for more but unlike the squat with the past shoulder/elbow issues wasnt going to push it still felt damn good to hit that area again and pain free.


OK 2 days off and tested DL today well damn grip gave out and only got the same 230kg / 506lbs. BUT smoked my old PR with straps easily stopped after nailing a tough but doable 260 kg or 572 lbs. Im happy with that. Now just keep working on grip etc.


Fuck...I just read this thread and had to go back and start by reading it again. You must be 'Hulking' it in the gym...do you have any regular/semi regular training partners (aside from the lady boys that is) or are you doing it all on your lonesome?

What's your body weight? Can you post a picture with an American style shoe so we can get an idea of what your bodyfat is?
What's your Long Term goal/target?
....and how long do you think you'll be able to hold out on the lady boy action?


Im solo bro aside from the HUGE german guy who runs the gym he cranks on the hard core when I come in even getting to know what day it is and DL or squat days he turns it up a bit more sits there and eat half a damn cow while I lift and pushes me on. "Oh you got 270kg just try" LOL

Largely he just sits and shakes his head watching my eyes pop out of my head lifting new loads and doing multiple sets of doubles etc.

No its a damn good environment a hard core gym for sure. Bese one here in Pattaya and there are quite a few.

well just had to step on the scale yesterday and was awestruck 114kg BUT that was just after a huge breakfast and dressed so honeslty id stil say around 235-240 or so being generous.

Just posted one of my bloated fat ass yesterday on the other thread in Photo forum. someone will have to add the shoe. It was my monthly diet/training assesment and im going to make a small change keep bulking but cut some of the simple carbs to stop the excess fat gain a bit.

Not sure just keep on keepin on keep the fat in a reasonable range. start seeing 20% coming and simply back off a tad or stick it out and I slowly add LBM which takes the place of the fat. As long as performance come and Im healthy etc I dont see me stopping to damn soon. i diod 3+ years of the skinnt guy thing now im doing the NOT to damn fat get HUGE thing.

Hell a goal. Id like to get a 700 lb dl, a 600lb squat and 400lb bench at no more than 250-260 and resonable teens BF% Get that and hell cut down a bit and see whats there Maybe.

FOREVER as long as I dont get tricked in to it. some of these lady boys are SMOKIN hot and now getting the adams apple shaved and all the gear replaced. So unless one of those traick me im all good and hell I suppose I wouldnt mind if they did as long as they didnt tell me. :slight_smile: I dont wanna know.

Or some smokin honey like you comes to visit.


Hey Phil, are you in Thailand? I thought you were the Washington DC guy, but I see under your name it says Kansas.



OK you Thailand is where I am. Was in DC for graduate school finished that and went back to Kansas where I am og. from for a few months then made a leap to come here. Changed the location on my profile but there is not a choice for Thailand so I picked Kansas as it is my last permanent residence. LOL

Thats the story.

Oh and I have a few threads with stuff form here one in Photot forum Lone Roaming T cell and one in off topic Bringing Thai to you.



Hey all not a total PR but awesome progress none the less for me.

This week was planned unloading week so today for DL decided to just push it as far as my grip would allow. Last check that was 230kg 30kg less than my 260kg PR(6 plates) with straps. Well I nailed the 6 plates with no straps no nothing. nice strong pull with a hold at the top.

Next week will go for new PR's and see what turns out.