PhilaSCS Test+ Winter 2024

Letting Nandrolone journal settle. One week climbing back on to Testosterone, and beginning modification of that protocol by first adding Masteron.

200mg test cyp/wk
50mg mast prop/wk
all shots daily

First estradiol test Tuesday. Goal here will be to evaluate:

*testosterone sides sans drinking (first time sober on test)
*feelings/psyche reintroducing test without nandrolone (re-evaluation of placebos)
*interaction of masteron with test as an estrogen modulator, mood/libido improver
*best ratios of test:mast for cruise and blast

Note: physical performance and body composition are lower on my must-have list than most. I am looking for a decent platform to feel good before reintroducing myself to the workout game. I have been on TRT and/or performance enhancement therapy for nearly 8 years now at the following protocols:

  • six week minimum courses of test-only from 50mg/wk to 300mg/wk.
  • test plus arimidex
  • test plus anavar
  • nandrolone only at 200-250mg/wk

Week 1: with some deca still in the system reintroducing a 50mg shot of test shutdown my brain and body almost completely, barely got out of bed, depressed, angry, no sexuality at all.

Week 2: 28mg test/day starting to be felt, 7mg masteron/day alongside. Water recomp starting, less bloated than previously on test and no nipple soreness which usually accompanies all increases in dosage or shots after a break. Penis woke back up.

Nothing huge yet.


I’m doubtful you’ll notice 50mg mast.

I’m on 300mg and couldnt tell the difference outside of slightly elevated libido.

My gyno reduced to the point where i can hardly feel it while on low test high mast.

Just posting my experience.

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I plan to increase it, I’ve just always been sensitive to estrogen high and low and always been too impulsive to nail down variables as well as I should. Gotta do better each time.

Can feel the cypionate building up finally and starting to get watery again. Body is supporting around 100mg/wk daily shots of masteron prop now. Estradiol sensitive was taken Tuesday and will be a good starting point/ habit in settling understanding of estrogen in my body.

200mg Test
100mg Mast
Daily admin
Estradiol, Sensitive (1): 70ng/dl

High, of course, and having high E symptoms, but even still, best sex of my life right now probably. More sensitive, coming quicker(!), more libido when activated, and more consistent erection.

Will up to 200 mast and retest.

I didn’t see your new journal. Thanks for keeping up the reporting.

This is some great feedback about your sexual experience.

PT141 worked much better at a lower dose, and the associated side effects were stronger.

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Will get second E2 labs drawn in a few days. Masteron is starting to claim its own signature on my body composition. I will say the difference seems to be that masteron is modifying what testosterone is doing. Testosterone gives my face a thicker, squarer, bulkier appearance that is made pretty unattractive by any facial bloating. Masteron doesn’t seem to be cutting all the estrogen like arimidex did at who-knows-how-delicate a dose. I can still feel and see the E2 excess, but at 200mg/wk its less than at 100mg. Getting the 2nd labs back will help me roughly quantify how much E2 is affected by doses of masteron.

The physique is harder, even in my untrained shit diet state around 15-20%bf. The muscles inflate when i use them.

There are no joint benefits obviously and I miss deca for that, but my carpal tunnel has eased and seems like I could work my way out of its lingering effects.

Drive is higher, irritability is higher, other drugs feel more intense when I use them and this seems likely to be related to neurotransmitter differences. I dont think low dopamine/low serotonin people should use deca. I think high NT people are likely the more frequent nandrolovers.

I will say I have never felt an intrinsic, body-based libido like this. It is truly amazing, even though subtle at this dose. When I engage, my body talks back and my focus complies much better. Not the flattened relief of deca, Im very alert, but the woman I’m with just seems to command my attention the way I think she should when I consider her cerebrally. Morning wood is back and more persistent.

My hair is fine so far.

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I’m very curious if the Masteron is causing the aggression or if it is a combination of robust testosterone and higher estrogen (maybe with DHT pushing aggression too). I do see people saying Masteron causes aggressiveness. It doesn’t sound like it is bothering you though. Thanks for the update and insights.

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Apologies. You used the word irritability, not aggression.

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Yeah I’m not prone to aggression, overconfidence, high libido or any “go get it” style of behavior. I get irritability, well-being, and reactive libido, lol.

Made second order today. Ultimately Id like to use Test Prop and Mast Enanthate so the fluctuations are pulsed by the testosterone with falling E2 as the day goes, rather than a steady test function with daily E2 rising as the mast prop wears. Am going to raise masteron until E2 is in range at 200mg/wk test, and whatever combined dose that is will be my first “blast protocol.” Ill use the same ratio and cut to 100mg/week with whatever dose of divided mast on top of that to “cruise.”

E.G.: if E2 is in range at blast of T200+M300mg/wk, cruise will be T100+M150.

Mast does not have a function of reducing estrogen dude. It may have been reported from some individuals, but that is not what he steroid is intended to do.
It just doesn’t aromatase.

My irritability has gone up a bit since on Mast. Not great, I’m already irritable.

But it goes away quick, as in - i dwell on it much less.
Couldn’t tell you if DHT related or not.

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Yeah there’s a lot of debate about whether it binds to aromatase or estrogen receptors. Im testing E2 several more times with consistent test in the mix; so if there’s no significant difference in the level of estrogen we’ll see that for sure.

I agree on both counts. I get up to confront things that annoy me more, but I can accept letting them go faster. Also dont know where that comes from but interested in the letting it go part.

Next E2 bloodwork Tue.

Last lab: @200Tc/100Mp = 70E2 sensitive
Next lab: @200Tc/200Mp

@EmilyQ @anna_5588 I think you’re beyond the realm of having a conversation with different viewpoints. It’s nobody’s lot in life to be gaslit by an anonymous personality disorder. I mean, I know that game; it’s in the Level 1 Male toolkit you get when the first woman hurts you. The realm of “TESTOSTERONE” attracts an expectedly machismo bend. But the intersection of the internet, extreme lifestyle, anabolics, etc… also brings out some truly unstable characters masquerading as whatever they want in hopes of looking manly to this crowd. Beyond being bored at the level of thought, or unwilling to invest in conversations with people who cant keep track of their assertions, it’s just aggressive bordering on violent at this point. Im sorry this is your experience discussing a meaningful topic posted by someone I respect.

Yeah, I’m sad that the thread devolved into that, but I’ve been on these boards and others for a long time, and sometimes that’s what you get.

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@EmilyQ Yeah. Don’t think it’s for me, in the end. I’ll let ya know where I end up!

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I’m excited to see what your E2 is. If it is still high, my question will be: why so much testosterone? I was having high E2 when I was pinning half that.