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Philando Castile Shooting

The only thing Yanez said after “obtaining that knowledge” was, “Okay. Don’t reach for it, then. Don’t pull it out.” It sounds as though Castile responds with, “I’m gonna have to pull it out.”

In this circumstance it would be best to lie.

Lets say you have a weapon of any type in the car. Officer asks “do you have any weapons?”

You lie and say “Nah.”.

He goes about the business of getting your info, runs you for warrants, writes you a ticket, and off you go.

I’ve done that before with various knives and whatnot in the car. If you don’t flinch, neither do they.

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That’s a felony if you’re caught, though, correct?

It might be, but any time I’ve been asked I just say no and its on to the rest of the business at hand.

If someone has warrants, drugs in plain sight, or some other probable cause it isn’t going to matter much anyways. They’re going away. At least if the police find it on a search when you’re already cuffed there won’t be any confusion that leads to being killed.

I almost get the impression that its just a formality when they ask. I understand that its SOP for everybodys safety and all that, but it just seems to get glazed over any time I’ve been asked.

I had an old truck with about 25 pro 2A stickers on the back. Got pulled over. I had my license/registration/insurance in my fingers with hands at 10 and 2 and the window down. Cop shows up.

Me: “Hi officer, I’m a permit holder I have a legal firearm at 1 o’clock on my belt. I don’t want to get shot today.”

Officer: “I figured, you telegraphed that with the “come and take it” sticker. Keep your hands on the wheel and we’ll both have a good day.”


*I can’t vouch for the accuracy of this list

He said, “I am not reaching for it, sir”

I had my license ready which I handed him, first. Then I didn’t move my hands from the steering wheel until I told them I had a gun and awaited instructions. Other than license and insurance the cop did not issue any other commands to do anything other than to secure that fire arm first.

I am not going to continue to split hairs with you. I see this, based on the evidence available to me, as an unjustified homicide. The cop should have stopped everything until the firearm was secured. Instead, he was jumpy and killed a man who did not deserve to die.
I see zero evidence that Philando was a threat in anyway. If you going to shoot a cop, best don’t tell them you have a gun. Spoils the surprise.


I don’t think it’s a felony, but its a crime if they ask and you say no. In GA you don’t have to tell them, unless they ask.

Honestly, I find its best to tell them if you get pulled over, if it’s just a minor traffic thing. Many cops are also gun-nuts. You strike up a conversation about firearms and you may just get a warning instead of a ticket. It worked for me and my wife… I guess we carry weird hardware. She carries a Walther, which the cop who puller her over was totally into. And I carry a revolver… No run of the mill Glocks here. Though I like Glocks.

If you heard that around the 1:39-1:45 mark of that video, you either have way better hearing than I or way worse hearing than I.

You guys that are for telling a cop you are armed do realize that the situation immediately escalated the moment you did that. right?

It just went from guy with a blinky signal to guy with a gun.

Guy with blinky signal= business as usual.

Guy with gun= Move wrong and you die.

Situation number 2 is infinitely more dangerous than situation 1 for you.

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I like revolvers. Which do you carry? (We could move this discussion to the gun love thread.)

Yeah, I love revolvers. Ruger sp101. Modified trigger spring to 8 lbs. It’s a bit of a handfull but managable.

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I hate to revive a thread this old, but I just watched a video of this incident that I don’t recall ever showing up on this board. So many videos of this incident made it look like Castile was being asked to retrieve his paperwork at the same time he was being told not to. All wrong. I guess it’s okay, since NY Times apologized for “inadvertently” cutting that part. I apologize if I’m posting something that has been seen here.

What a clusterfuck.

It is. We have 2 departments of police. The one that is responsible for traffic are unarmed. We actually just got an almost 3rd department who are not police at all, theg are also responsible for traffic documentation and control of restricted areas for cars for air pollution. Regular armed police officers are not allowed to pull cars and regulate traffic in any case. The funniest thing is traffic police often stops regular police for traffic violations