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Philadelphia Sucks


As far as sports go, I only follow baseball and football. I've been a diehard Eagles and Phillies fan my whole life, and look where it's gotten me. In the last 5 years the Eagles have gone to the NFC Championship 4 times and only won once. They also lost in the Superbowl. The Phillies have done even less, having not even made it into the playoffs in the last decade. And now, they're off to a dazzling 1-6 start. I'm fed up with Philadelphia and its loser teams. Anyone else tired of losing?


I live in the Philly area, and I absolutely despise all Philadelhpia teams.

In every major sport, my least favorite team is the one based in Philly.

So, actually, watching them flounder year after year, while my teams, such as the Steelers, become world champions, is quite glorious...


I'm from DC. So I definitely agree that Philly and the Eagles SUCK! Go SKINS!


There's a lot of cities with a worse trifecta or four teams. You should be happy the Eagles have had the run that they did. I would jizz in my pants if the Packers even make a feeble attempt at a playoff run this season. Yeah, the Bucks will make the playoffs, but for what? To lose to the Nets or the Heat in the first round. Maybe there's future hope for the young team, but right now they're struggling to finish the season. Although I am excited for the Brewers. I hope they can continue to improve.

Anyway, I can think of worse cities than Philadelphia if you are a sports fan.


Hey, at least we're not the Cardinals...

You have to admit, the run they made to the Super Bowl in '05 was pretty awesome to be involved in. I live in Wilmington, DE, and you all you had to do was yell out "Go Eagles!" in a public place and you were getting high fives. I think the face that they were one of the best teams in the league for 5 years was pretty remarkable, unfortunately they didn't get it done and now they've got to suffer for a while- it's just the nature of the beast.


tired yes, but keep the faith, one day we shall win.


I will but until then, I'll keep by box of tissues right by my side.


At least you don't have to hear about the Pirates on the news all of the time. Man, no one stinks up a perfectly good stadium like the Pirates. We used to have players like Bonds and Bonilla, and win a couple of games in a row every so often. Now, you can't even give tickets away.


There is nothing worse than Philadelphia sports fans. As a group, you are the most obnoxious, self-righteous bunch of douches I have ever encountered.

On another note, I had an extended stay in the Philadelphia area, and found the city itself to be quite depressing in general.


Yes! I grew up in DC. I can only hope last year was a turning point in an aweful decade and a half for the skins! I also agree that Philly sucks in pretty much every regard :smiley:


I'm tired of losers. Leave. I think you'd fit in with the Atlanta fans pretty well.


Why? Where did you live?


Gladwyne. It was not the town nor the Radnor/Lower Merion/Upper Merion area I found depressing, but rather the city. Why? I don't know - just didn't like it.


Oh, you're talking about sports. I could have told you that. I thought you were talking about the city in general, in which case I would have to agree as well.


I will never forget the Joe Jurvicious incident with the Eagles fans that day, chanting, "where's your son?"....right after his little kid had died.

If a bomb had gone off in that stadium that day, I would have had no problems with it. Scum. Just another reason to hate the Eagles.


Ugh...remembering that makes me physically ill


agreed, that's the type of thing that has made me hate every single Philly team, the fans.

Before anyone throws a fit, I know it's not ALL Philly fans, but the majority are arrogant, ignorant, callous assholes.

I've been to home games of the Steelers, Eagles, Bills, Dolphins, Bears, Lions, and Raiders. Some of those teams have very rough areas that are part of their fan base. Not one of those games comes close to how disgusted I was at the fans of the Eagles.


Seriously. That new stadium is pretty much just a gold plated waste basket. Still nothing but trash inside.


philly teams (all of them) are always just good enough to break your heart.

It's cool though, this is our year . . .


Don't hate cause we haven't booed you yet...