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Philadelphia Open Carry





I'm not at all surprised by this.

Who normally carries a recording device on them?





Fucking pigs. As citizens we need the power to fire the bad ones so they can never have "authority" again. And by fire, I mean lock up for life.


Philly cops are a lazy, fat, corrupt bunch of assholes with chips on their shoulders.


Fixed that for you, Junior.


Okay, listen up everyone...

I actually know the guy this happened to in real life. He's a pretty major tool, and the whole incident really isn't as "cops are pigs" as everyone makes it out to be. If you knew the guy, and specifically the things I've seen him do, you'd think the cops were totally in the right.

EDIT: Didn't mean to come off like the cops were doing the exact right thing, they're definitely idiots if they don't even know their own city's gun laws. Just saying this guy isn't exactly the poster boy for responsibility.


So the cops get to take down, at gun point, someone not acting violently or offending another's rights, a man actively utilizing a right, while being educated in the right, berate, harass, threaten, and then bring legal action against him, because he's a bag of dicks?


From the audio, I heard nothing which supports the cops "totally being in the right." I heard a man getting fucked with by an uneducated LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICER IGNORANT OF THE LAW HE IS SUPPOSED TO BE ENFORCING.

I sincerely hope your associate, let's call him Ultra-Douche, sue the unholy fuck out of the department, after destroying them in the upcoming trial, and then all those cops get fucking cancer and die.


Lets just say that he has a habit of, while not necessarily doing the WRONG thing, not helping himself either. Notice how the end of the story is "he complies, the cops call the station, and let him go because they were wrong". My statement wasn't the best way to say it, I will admit.

IMO, when you know the cop is wrong just comply for a minute. They have to call in arrests, and then they find out that it isn't actually a crime and you're out of there. The alternative is to stand for ~40 minutes with guns pointed at you...


People are still surprised that cops are assholes?


This isn't the first time this has happened to someone who was open carrying by some dipshit cop who doesn't know the laws governing the city/state/country. Unless you're in BFE where you know every cop in town I'd recommend carrying a recorder.

And samdan, regardless if the guy is a tool or not, no matter what his past transgressions towards anyone, it seems he was casually walking down the street legally open carrying, and approached by an officer who didn't know him. So it could have been anyone exercising their rights, the fact that it was this guy shouldn't matter.

I'm going to laugh when the police hit a breaking point with the people in their city and they start to genuinely push back.

edit: Looks like the NRA is backing him up, I'd bet anything that he's a millionaire by the end of this.


I got 5 minutes into this thing and let me start by saying I generally fucking hate LEO. However, this guy was looking for trouble and he found it. He knows good and fucking well you don't fuck with City police and he's carrying a gun openly which is somewhat unusual. Most carry concealed in the City. All this toolbox needed to do was to comply and the whole thing goes very differently. He might have ultimately been in the right from a technical legal perspective, but when you're given a LEGAL order by LEO, you fucking comply. Yes, I said LEGAL. His right to carry notwithstanding, the cop was reasonable to check out his permits and such. And the cop obviously felt safer if the guy was prone. He's immediately being non-compliant and giving the cop a hard time which only escalates the situation. The dude is a fucking tool box.

And Philly ignores carry permits all the time and confiscates firearms. This I don't agree with obviously, but they get sued and pay the price...in thousands of dollars at a time. This guy aint becoming a millionaire.

He's lucky they didn't whip his ass. Not saying it's right, but a toolbox like this looking for trouble? I wouldn't feel sorry for him.


lol, this isn't the first time it's happened to him, and it appears as though he's filing criminal and civil charges on all three accounts. Furthermore, the police in Philly have been instructed that they aren't supposed to detain or even check to see if someone has a permit to carry unless there is reasonable suspicion that the OC'r has committed a crime.

All this comes down to is some stupid fuck cops not knowing the laws in their district, not a single one of them should be employed by the PPD or free, as in, they SHOULD be in jail.

That wasn't a LEGAL order, it was a dumbass cop and the rest of the blue mafia illegally detaining and illegally imprisoning someone exercising their rights, LEGALLY.


Most people in PA carry concealed. It's RARE to see someone that isn't LEO open carry and it's rarer still to see it in the City. I don't care what directive you referenced, once the cop decides to check, you're wise to comply. Again, he's lucky this didn't end in disaster. And frankly, he sounds like the last dickhead in the world that needs to be walking around with a gun. There is no doubt in my mind that he carries openly to be provocative. I think the order given to him was legal. He has now been charged. Let's say we follow the disposition of the charges against him.

I can't believe I'm defending LEO.


While I can understand setting up the police to expose corruption, this does not sound like the cop was being unreasonable. I don't think this will help in exposing anything.


This is a pretty common tactic for gun rights supporters. The audio taping is a new spin, but generally wealthy people with a carry permit carry openly in a state thats allows open and concealed carry. It creates a shit storm when some dumb ass local cop makes an idiot of himself.

Many states allow legal open carry with or without a permit. Its just pretty rare when you see someone openly carrying a handgun in public.

I'm guessing he has already contacted the NRA's Civil Rights Legal Defense Fund. They seem to lovely busting the balls of some anti-gun yankee states :smiley:

From a personal safety standpoint I would rather conceal


He aimed his weapon at a law abiding citizen. How is that reasonable?


If you open carry in Philly you will have problems. The PA laws are restrictive regarding Pittsburg and Philly open carry. The local police do their best to be confrontational about it.

The rest of PA is far more hospitable to open carry.

To me it offers little tactical advantage other then speed of deployment of the weapon and some deterrant value. I'd rather carry concealed and discreetly. In fact I don't go to Philly unarmed...ever.


After he failed to comply with an order from LEO. If you believe an order from LEO is unlawful, your time to fight that is in Court - not in public. In some neighborhoods, he might have been shot. The NRA would have been great help then. Dude is a dick, looking for trouble. He's exactly the kind of guy that should not have a permit, "in my opinion".


How did he know he was a law abiding citizen? Should he just assume? If he was pulling a gun on some guy walking down the street who was not carrying a weapon, then yeah that could be seen as unreasonable, but the guy was carrying a gun. If you wouldn't walk around with your gun exposed why would a cop not think a guy who does is trouble or crazy?