Phil Phister- Americas Strongman Hope!

Hey I am watching Strongman on ESPN. I just have to say I really like Phil Phister and I am hoping he can bring the title back to America. He really wants it so I hope he achieves it. Phil is da man!

It will happen someday for sure if he can just stay healthy.

I saw that!! That was so cool! I had never seen one before and ran accross it. I can’t imagine lifting/carrying/etc. the kind of weight they were slinging around! Very impressive! Kept me glued all afternoon!

Ilove watching WSM. Been a fan ever since Kazmaier was champion. I believe that a young Kaz would dominate the guys competing these days,no offense intended to todays guys. I would rather have that kind of strength than be Mr.Olympia any day.

I agree that the Kaz would have dominated the group today. Does anyone know how he trained then and now? He still looks awesome!

I cant wait till June when I get to see that live in Sonora:)

It’s pretty cool that the three top strongman athletes all are from northern Europe. Sverige! Suomi! :wink:

If Hugo Girard is still in it, I hope he goes all the way.

Horace, they cancelled the california meet, no one would sponsor it, and no one would let them use a site for it. Theres more info on when it’s being rescheduled for on the Diesel Power Forum. And back on topic, I think Phil can win it this year, he’s been peaking lately, and some of the US events are gettin crazy for amateur events, there’s one in Kentucky that’s going to have a 420 lb atlas stone, no one has lifted it yet, but their thinking Pfister or Jesse Marunde has a shot. Are any of you going to the Athens, OH meet this weekend? Phil is going to be there with all of the best from the US, it should be fun to watch.

Hey Mike

Do you know if any meets are going to be aroud Colorado anytime soon. I have always wanted to go to one but never heard anything about them. Thanks!

Yeah, there’s one June 15th, the rocky mountain strongman classic, in canon city, CO. Get hold of David McGlouthlin, state NASS chair for more info, his address is on the NASS site, or else more info is on the upcoming events section.

mark henry already won the arnold,he could win wsm too.

Jay, I hope to god you’re kidding, or else just don’t really know anything about strongman competitions. Were you at the arnold? A farmers walk isn’t a farmers walk if it’s only for 25 feet, most of the time at competitions it’s MUCH longer than that, the arnold was a glorified powerlifting meet, with mostly static lifts not representing strongman competition, and it was one week after the IFSA World Championships in Boston. I’m not making excuses for anyone though, if it’s a powerlifting meet, then Mark Henry is going to do well, he’s an incredibly powerful man. But the first time I see him climbing the power stairs or doing any of the medley events, if he doesn’t come in last, I’ll be shocked. He’s got his chance to prove himself, the NASS and IFSA have offered him free entry into any US show, but he’s declined all offers. If he wants to be worlds strongest man, he’s already talking the talk, but sometime, he’s got to walk the walk. If you check MILO (I think it’s MILO, I get a few of those mags) It had an article claiming that the meet was set up by Terry Todd and he is also a close personal friend of Henry’s, and that Henry knew the events far ahead of time. Oh well, that’s in the past, but still, if he wants to be World’s Strongest Man, then he’s got to qualify, and earn it, and until then, Svend’s still holdin the title.

well if the wsm gets lets fitness oriented a big guy like henry could win. to many events for endurance and not strength.

lets see karlsen sead 900 like henry did. or dead the inch dumbell orcnj 500.yes im sure it was fixed,like henry needsit to be fixed. why dont you give a strong man his credit?

I’m not sayin it was fixed, and I did say he was an incredibly strong man, or if I didnt, then there is no denying that, anyone who des anything with the inch DB is, but for him to claim to be World’s Strongest Man, he has to compete and win the title, cause right now, anyone can say they’re the World’s Strongest Man, but until he wins the title, it’s all just talk. I hope sometime he does back it up, and if he wins, then great, that means WSM would be back here in the states. And as far as it being more for fitness, well, most of us in the game like it that way. It kinda robbed OD Wilson a few years ago, or we’d have had a WSM here in the states. But most of the competitors I’ve talked to like it, so it doesn’t end up similar to bodybuilding where they have more muscle mass than anyone in the world, but can’t walk up stairs, and there are quite a few powerlifters with the same problem. I hate to say that, because I love powerlifting, but it’s true, some of the superheavies look like they’re going to explode in their bench shirts.