Phil Makdisi?

I happened to stumble across a web page about Phil Makdisi. He appatrently competes in strongman competitions.
Well i must say that some of the figures that i read on that web site absolutely blew me away.
Some of these figures are amazing, just read, Incline Presses with 315 for 57 reps. Squats with 800 pounds for 20-30 reps. Close grip bech presses with 400 pounds for 30-40 reps.
Front squats 700 pounds for 10 reps, but then it gets really ridiculous, get this, Incline Presses with 600 pounds for 30-40 reps???WHAT THE FUCK??? And how about some icing on the cake, Millitary press with 550 pounds for a few reps. Thats insane. Can Anyone confirm this?

I think I might have only read the same article you read, but if he’s really that strong I need to crawl out from under the rock that I’ve been living under. I didn’t know who Garry Frank was before someone in here mentioned him. btw what’s the name of the 450lb Westside guy mentioned in the Getting Schooled… article?

I don’t know this guy - but I do know that them Strongman competitors are STRONG. They are pretty amazing - ever single one of 'em.

Well I’m going to blow the bullshit whistle. I checked a website that lists competitors of strongman, and he is not listed. Another potential bullshit is that strongman competitors usually don’t bench much. There is no need for it. Yes, a military press (though it shouldn’t be called military) is what they use. Also, he supposedly inclines 315 for 57 reps and inclines 600 for 30-40 reps? BS! Also a 800 squat for 20-30 reps is bullshit. Really that is a range using a rep calculator of 1280-1520. Hmmmm…funny how in powerlifting the top squat is 1041 (please correct me if I’m off a pound or two.)

Hey Drax was that your dad.:slight_smile:

Nope. My dad only weighs 200. I can see how someone could get messed up with that, because they lift the same weights.

The accepted biggest squat ever is no more than 1200 by Paul Anderson. There was no problem with depth, but since it was a silver dollar lift, nobody was 100% sure of the weight. Some say as little as 900, & some say as much as 1200, but it wasn’t the same weight every time. 1200 is believable because Bud Jefferies is doing 1000x1 or 900x2 starting in the bottom position & he’s not even 30yrs old yet. He’ll easily add 200lbs to that before he’s done.

You run into problems comparing squats in different powerlifting federations, or not in a powerlifting meet at all. Anyhow, the biggest done in a powerlifting meet are:
Goggins -1036, Coan -1038, Mikesell -1041.7. Mikesell put his up in the Can Am Cup this past October 7th. My point with all this is that, if the one guy who was originally discussed can really put up those numbers, do it in a meet.

There is also some pictures of him on the web page and they claim he weighs 415 pounds. I don’t doubt that, because he looks like a freakin mountain. He also has a 70 inch chest. Can you believe that, some people aren’t even 70 inches tall, let alone have a chest measuring 70 inches.
Unger i think he used to compete in late 80’s and early 90’s.
I will believe incline pressing 600 pounds for 3-4 reps, but 30-40? Nah.