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Phil Kaplan

Anyone here know anything about Phil Kaplan? He’s a Fitness Trainer who writes a lot about helping personal trainers with marketing and various other topics. I’ve read some of his stuff, and he’s right on the money. Anyone have any experience with him or his products?

I purchased his online continuing ed called NAVAQA its marketing success for trainers from ISSA. It makes sense when you are hearing it but applying it seems to be a different story.

Greg, what were some of the things he says to do? Was there anything you were able to apply? Thanks

Well, you have to really listen to your client and speak to them at their level. If their old and speak softly go with it, if they are very articulate with their language do the same. The main points are to get information that you can use later, ie work, whether they have a spouse, how much money they are willing to invest in themselves.
There has been stuff from it that I have applied and it works pretty well. Overall I was happy with it.

Thanks for the info Greg.