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Phil J; re shoulder injuries and tissue massage

Hey there Phil, wondered if you could give me the number of your deep tissue guy in Swindon, as would travel down if no-one he can recommend in Yorkshire.

Hi Stu - sorry for the delay, I was waiting for Russell (my deep tissue guy in Swindon)to get back to me. He says that he’s happy for me to post his telephone number. I do this with some reservations 'cos he’s a mate and I don’t want him getting loads of crank calls, but he says that it’s OK. His name is Russell Jenkins and he’s on 01793 496547. Do note that you may need several sessions so travelling all the way to Swindon and seeing Russell may not be the easiest option. He is bloody brilliant though! Russ did say however that there are a number of people in Yorkshire so give him a call and he’s agreed to help you out one way or the other even if it’s only to help you find a colleague up there. Best of luck.

Alright Phil, that’s great, I’ll give him a call. Thanks alot. Stu