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Phil Hernon's Training

Hey guys,

Been reading a bit on Phil Hernon, but there are very little info available, so anyone who knows anything about how he trained - I would love to hear some thoughs and feedback.

Is this similar frequincy to what he used?

Day 1: Chest, Arms
Day 2: Legs
Day 3: Back, Shoulders
Day 4: OFF
Day 5: Chest, Arms
Day 6: Legs
Day 7: Back, Shoulders
Day 8: OFF


A question regarding rep-ranges.

First warm-up sets, then THREE working sets of 15,10,5 reps (I presume I hit my 15, 10 and 5 RM for THAT DAY). I was thinking of doing the heavy set first, feels lighter and better on higher reps sets later on and just makes more sense?

So the leg’s day might look like this:

Quads: Front Squat - warm-up sets, then 5 RM, 10 RM, 15 RM.
Hams : Romanian Deadlift - warm-up sets, then 5 RM, 10 RM, 15 RM.
Calves : etc

The workout time should be approx 30-40 minutes considering the amount of sets?

How is deload regulated during this program?

Should I decrease volume for 1-2 weeks once I start feeling run down? Or did he train like this all the time without taking time off. I understand that his recovery ability was enchanted. Any natural trainies who adopted this style of training, how did you do?

Exercise Selection.

Different exercises would probably be a better choice for bodybuilding propuse, but if I wanted to increase strength on Squats then it would be wise to go for Squats twice weekly if my body can take it?

Day 1 Chest/Back/Calves

Dips or Decline Press 3 sets
Chins or Pulldown 3 sets
Bent Over Row(he likes dumbbells) 3 sets
Seated Calves 3 sets

Day 2 Legs
Back Squat 3 sets
Stiff Leg Dead 3 sets
(I think that’s it)

Day 3
Lateral Raises 3 sets
Dumbbell or EZ Bar Curl 3 sets
Close Grip or Dips 3 sets
Standing Calves 3 sets

Day 4


All the sets are done with a heaviest set in the 6-10 range and decreasing 10% for the subsequent sets. So a decline press workout might look like 250x7 225x10 205x12. Workouts are done quickly, only resting as long as needed to get your breath back.

Back in his day Phil trained with a 2 way split and trained 6-7 days a week so he was really up there with frequency… this seems like the mortal version. You can do all 3 sets with one exercise(easiest) or do 2-3 exercises, whatever you like. I remember reading an OLD post by Dante saying that a typical back workout for Phil was pull ups to the front, to the back of the head, and “fat man rows” and that was IT lol.

Got this from Scott Mcd in the bodypart once weekly thread 5 10 and 15 reps work great as well

im doing a take of that one

Day1 - Chest/Back
Day2 - Legs (maybe some core work)
Day3 - Shoulders and Arms
Day4 - Off
Day5 - Off
Day6 - Repeat (if my sleep has been lacking or i feel worn out i take an extra day off - rarely happens though)

Each day 4 exercises, no more then 5 max. Ramping on each exercise (15, 12, 10, 8 and 6 reps - the first 2 are warm up the last 3 are work sets).

I’m really interested to hear if any one else does this routine and their take on it.

I had but almost forgotten about Phil. Looking back, the man was incredible. At his best, he might even do well today.

phils pricing is very fair if anyone actually wanted to work wiht him one on one, he does quite a bit of that.


Thanks for the repleys everyone.

Read through BP once weekly.

MADOK, are you using BBBs split with that rep-range (hitting everything 3 x ) or something else? Like in my first posts.

I’m about to enter Phase III of Waterburys NExt Frontier and my gains has been pretty darn good and I’ll continute with the program for as long as I can, but I doubt I will be able to hit the gym 8 x times with full time school and 40% JOB.

The only thing that kills me is high reps sets - I deadlift 400 for one darn good rep with good technique, but 250 pounds for 12 reps KILLS ME. 150 pounds difference between 1 RM adn 12 RM seems way too big …

Modok is using a 3-way over 6 days, i.e. everything twice a week (different exercises on A/B sessions).

Deadlifting and squatting for reps is hard if you don’t have much stamina… One gets used to it though, DC allows for absolutely phenomenal squat and DL progression speed and is basically all moderate to high reps.

Thanks for the reply CC!

DC seems great and some day I’ll take it on a ride, but for now I need to increase my strength and the best way to do it (for me) is to perform the same movement pattern for 2 times / weekly. I’ve been jumping from program to program, looking for the next big thing and always neglected what always gave me great gains in strength and size.

After reading many posts by you, MODOK, Scott M and Prof X I releazed that I need to stop the thinking, take what works for me and stick to it …long enough to progress really nice and then re-assess. And eat like there is no tomorrow.

I’ve talked to Phil too and I think I’m going to work with him when I’m done with Next Frontier.