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Phil Heath


Lights out!

Oh my fuck!

I cant even deal with this. Phil Heath is fuckin incredible!

Once his legs come up he will be the greatest bodybuilder of all time. He's already got the back.


Yeah...I'm not sure what the deal is, but the brother has learned the Holy Grail of super size.


Once his legs come up?


Holy crap, makes branch look like a child:O


Agreed. He isn't exactly lacking much at all right now. Those arms are insane. His shit must be hitting over 23" at least.


That's the chosen one right there (maybe until Brandon Curry catches up).


'The brother'? You are the whitest motherfucker ever, wow.



If you saw Phil Heath walking around in skin-tight compression shorts during leg day, I think you'd swallow your "legs" comment whole.

Trust me, he's crazier looking in person.


Pfft, dude is so obviously on steroids...

Dude has fully realized the comic book status we all want(ed).


I saw Phil Health eating at a Texas Roadhouse once. I felt like a child; both in comparable size and I was overly excited.


The bad thing is, that is all some people would say. That level of development is already rivaling guys like Lee Haney. I am not sure bigger than that will make him look better though....but it will damn sure make him more awesome.


he could probably hit 30" on his arms if he really put his mind to it

in a fight the mad bulldog Branch would kick his ass tho lol


While his legs aren't as freaky as his arms, I think Phils' legs are just fine.




IMO unless victor martinez/kai greene come in super conditioned there's no one at this moment that can match this gentic freak.

Victor is the only one that comes to mind that can match him at his 'game' but tbh I doubt he could if he 'struggles' to place higher than dennis, branch and evan.

Kai is the only one that has enough size to overpower him but mehh he never replicates his arnold classic conditioning so he will always looks 'soft' next to him.

Beyeke could match him in a couple years though, like phil got some nice muscle bellies in the upper body and he sure has got better quads development (not talking of size). Phil Heath upper body and Kai Greene quads are one dirty combo.


Much bigger legs than that would require a wheel chair. I'm not really looking forward to the day of 39" quads.


People are sleeping on Beyeke. I do believe the future holds good things for him and Ced McMillan.


I agree. Not only was I rooting hard for Phil in the last Olympia (which he undeniably deserved), but I was pleasantly shocked at how awesome Curry looked.


Fuck... Better carry on with my physics.


OMG THAT PIC IS AWESOME. It reminded of when Dorian took those black and white pics back in 94. he got pretty big and beat up everyone.