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Phil Heath crowned Mr. Olympia


Yup...subject says it all.



Awesome. hope he blows up in celebrity. He has the overall look to go further in that area than our past Mr. Olympias.


I would agree Prof. I wouldn't call myself an enthusiast of BB, but to my untrained eye his overall symmetry and look was more balanced and less grotesque than some of the "mass monsters".


We've been discussing it brah



A new era dawns...


I've already mentioned in another thread that Phil would be an excellent rep for our sport, because of his basketball background among other things.

A perfect physique, gracious personality, and handsome face go a long way as well!

Phil is about as perfect as it gets.


Iron dwarf has a crush......


Damn straight! You don't?


Of course

I got FST7 love for Phil.